Multiple Sense Bridges?

Can I have multiple bridges in my house to assure coverage. I have multiple cams. One of them is outside to monitor my boat. I’d like to use a couple sensors around the boat but the distance is on the other side of the house from the garage cam that has my current bridge. I’m thinking that it might be best to but a second starter kit so that I can have a bridge on each end of the house so that sensors connect properly. Is there any issues with multiple bridges? I’m sure the signal inside the house will intersect.

Yep! When you add a sense device, motion or contact sensor it will ask which bridge it should connect to.

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@rbruceporter is absolutely correct. I have a very similar situation and mounted a second bridge specifically to get coverage to one area of my yard, as you described.

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I have bridges in 3 differn locations just so I can pair by proximity. Now I just have to figure how to use all those extra sensors. That’s not exactly a bad problem.

True. I am always finding a new thing to connect somehow!