Display state of on/off schedules in the rules list

It would be really nice if the “On” and/or “Off” was shown in the schedule list. See my below text below so you can see what I’m requesting.

@jtwrace As noted in the comments above, schedules trigger actions which are different than states. Therefore, this is not really possible. More discussion on this is above.

I’m not looking for a shortcut though. I’m just requesting that the action of the schedule be shown as to what it is (i.e. on or off) as I’ve posted with the black text above in my screen shot. Is that really not doable?

@Loki maybe this will help. I want the red box text to show like above so you can remember what action each button is. That’s all.

Schedules can result on actions that are not on/off, such as record a short video. Therefore, this is not generally applicable. However, if this is restricted to only on/off types of schedules and not to other types of rules, it could work I believe.

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Yes, that would be awesome! :smiley:

You can put that informaton in the name (optional) area : “Garage light off” or whatever you would like to see there.

You can; however, the drawback of that is that the time doesn’t show there anymore. It’s one or the other. When you have a bunch of these it really clogs it up and you have to look through each one. Total pain.

You can enter the time .
You now have 6:45 am everyday. So in the name key 6:45 am everyday off. You could key in Garage light off 6:45 am everyday .

You could…the whole idea here is to make things easy and more automated; not type everything. :slight_smile:

Just trying to give a work around for now.

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I added the on and off like this to my rules.