Display device or user-defined name in list for schedule rules

Currently when you look at the schedule page you see a list of scheduled events but you can’t tell what device name they are associated with unless you click through on the schedule item itself. This would make the schedule page more helpful by not having to click back and forth. This would also be especially if/when you use the same schedule for different device names. This change might even help make it easier to achieve using the same schedule for multiple devices, another wishlist suggestion in the queue.

MOD NOTE: This feature was launched with the 2.6.x app version. Each Shortcut, Device Trigger and Schedule can have a user-defined name.

Or even better, allow the user to define a name to be displayed for each Schedule Rule as is the case for Shortcuts. This might also apply to Device Triggered rules.


Definitely needed to cut down on aggravation of sorting through rules.

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Agreed and also when I make rules for away and home. When I select either of them I have no idea which one is active. At least highlight if your in away that the away tab is highlighted so you know it’s active. As it stands now it doesn’t tell you which is active. Yes you can look in the rule list but it’s severely delayed in updating to show what action was performed.

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I believe that this is something we’re working on. :slight_smile:

Though for @howarth83, we’re considering that but this is not in the works at this point. Rules are intended to be immediate actions and not setting indicators right now.

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@howarth83: There’s a separate Wishlist topic for that already, here:

The ability to name rules and sort them by device, function, or time would really help not have to open multiple similar rules to edit one. This is would greatly help if one has multiple rules/schedules with similar time triggers.


I find mostly everything working just fine with a big exception. On first setup when I would schedule a camera of light bulb they and the date and time and their NAME would show up in the schedules.
After my first software update the NAME no longer shows up. As you will see in the pictures this can make for a very confusing schedule. Just noticed while looking for the app ver that there is a rule history that does not display any name for any event unless I touch it.

WYZE app is ver v2.5.53
Just checked the Firmware upgrade. All cameras and bulbs and outlets have been updated.


The Schedule/Rules green in color page is where the issue is.

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Hi @ACRNOW, I have moved your topic to this existing #wishlist thread. You can VOTE for it at the top-left. :slight_smile:

What do you mean Wish List. I am not wishing for a new feature I want what was there to be there still.

When Wyze moved many of the scheduling functions to Rules, the ability to see the name as before went away. @ragtag22 created this topic to make Wyze more aware that the community wants this feature back. I believe Wyze is working on it, but this re-enforces the fact that people ( including me) want it back. :slight_smile:


Yes we want it back. The forum is a bit hard to nav but I will learn


This is definitely a usability change that needs to occur.

I highly recommend anyone who wants it back to VOTE at the top-left.


Thanks so much for sharing.
Microsoft has a method, If it ain’t broke, break it and then blame the pc owner.
Please fix this to the way it was. How can you use a schedule without titles? Its a mess.
It was great and then someone fixed it. LOL It’s like trying to obey the speed limit without a speedometer.

If there is a way to make this topic show up in many many more places please do so more can vote.

I understand your pain. Wyze does pay attention to the #wishlist category. I also know they have been receiving a LOT of “feedback” from the community on the forum and social media about this.


Names for Rules are in the works now. And yes, we are paying attention to the Wishlist. :slight_smile:


The Edit Rules window shows a list of schedules but not which device each schedule is for. Please add the device name.

WyzeGwendolyn When I first set up all cams and bulbs the schedules were showing which device each schedule was for and then there was a software

Please hurry on the fix as it is hard as heck to have any idea of what you are looking at.

Thanks Greg

It would be great if in the Schedules & Automations list there were more details. I find it hard to believe that this detail has been overlooked for such a long time. On the “Rules” screen I have a list with the automations I have setup for my devices but cannot differentiate what is what without actually selecting/opening one of them to see what has been setup for it. If I want to modify one of them I have to go down the list opening them one at a time until I find the one I want to modify. This is very inefficient and aggravating to say the least.

Please fix this with either a title or more detail in the line itself!!!