Rule Filtering & Calendar View

I’m happy to see the rules getting more functionality, but right now it’s just a long list and unless you rename everything every descriptively, it’s very hard to see what all your rules are without going into each one.
I propose to add a filtering function to the rule list which would allow you to display rules filtered by a specific camera is in the rule or all your cameras. Maybe filter by different device types or specific devices.
Another really useful feature would be a calendar view of all the schedules. If there was a week-long calendar view that could show us when all the upcoming changes are set for, it would be much easier to edit schedule rules and to know what’s what and when.



I like this.

conversely. I was thinking of this the other day, it would be nice to be able to go into an individual camera and in devices rules see all the rules that incorporate THAT camera ( or sensor or whatever) in ANY way.

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Exactly @Bam. Right now everything is so messy.
I tell people that in order to have a smart home, you really need to be an enthusiast because I don’t know who else would have the patience to go through all the early-stage UI that smart devices are running.

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I am definitely using that line!

its like the early days of the internet when you had to use IP address’ :joy:

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How many smart home apps are you running on your phone right now?
Here’s mine: (15 in total)
Wyze (of course)
efuy Security
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
IFTTT (Although I haven’t started using this yet)
Home (Apple’s home app)
Monster Smart
Home Assistant (just played around with this a little, don’t use regularly)

Motion sensors (V2) / Rules

If there is a way, let me know … if not, it would be very handy when looking at a device, such as a motion sensor, to show the rules that are associated with that device. It would save a lot of time when troubleshooting an activity to see “what caused that light to come on”. Thanks.