Sort and group rules

I’d like to be able to sort and group rules. I can see the more I use and add components that such a feature would make working with rules easier.

They’re already grouped by type, but I have close to 100 rules so it’s a bit unwieldy. At the very least allow filtering by device to show only rules that trigger or act on a particular device.


It’s incredibly annoying that this functionality is missing. They aren’t even sorted by time of day.

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I’m surprised I didn’t see this and vote for it sooner , yes , yes

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Good morning. I wanted to mention that I will hope in the future you guys would consider having the ability to section off rules into groups or to groups it pertains to.

Right now I 35 and its hard to go through everyone to see what it goes to when I need to edit something.

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I agree. I don’t even have that many rules, but the ability to be able to sort and/or group them would help tremendously.

Further, I’d really like the ability to duplicate a rule so that I can quickly make multiple rules for a device that vary from the others without having to build them from scratch.

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I would like to be able to group rules so that I can enable/disable several at a time, just like we can turn on or off a group of cams or bulbs or whatnot. I have several rules that I want to have enabled when I’m home, and several that should be enabled when I’m not. Currently I have to enable/disable them separately. It would be great to have “Home Rules” and “Away Rules” that could be toggled in groups. (And then one rule to rule them all!)

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Hello, I ran into an issue today, Due to having several of items from Wyze I ran into realizing that I’m getting confused with all of the rules and would think it could be very beneficial if you could group rules like you can group the actual devices. For instance I have a rule that will turn a light on and a fan on in my bedroom, We should be able to group those 2 rules pertaining the fan and light and call them “Bedroom Rules”.

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The lack of organization for rules on the app makes scaling my use of wyze products difficult. So I propose this solution:

  1. Place rules into named folders. Useful examples include “Bedroom”, “Front Camera”, and “Morning Mode”.

  2. Reorder rules by name. This seems best implemented by keeping rule categories separated as they are now (schedules, shortcuts, and device triggers having their own separate lists).

If someone wanted to group rules from different categories together they should use folders. A tagging and filtering system could also help with organization, and be more flexible.


Exactly! What this guy said. He’s brilliant!

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As an android app user, I want to be able to view my rules for each individual device so that I can more easily manage my device schedules.

I use a TON of wyze outlets for lighting automation for my plants and animals. I want to be able to view the rules I have set for a single device, without having to scroll through my entire list of rules. Ideally, I would like to be able to select a device from the home screen, and then be able to navigate to the list of the rules I have set for just thay device.

I think this relatively small feature would greatly improve my app experience!

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The Kasa app does this nicely. I was planning to convert over to Wyze but now I am having second thoughts. The app is very unpolished compared to the competition. I have only invested in plugs so far so for me to stop now is not big deal. Was planning to add Thermostat, Lock and Doorbell. If this app does not get polished soon, the extra money for Nest will be worth it.

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Option to move rules up and down in the SCHEDULES and DEVICE TRIGGERS sections the same way as in SHORTCUTS section of Rules List.

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In the “Edit Rules” the “Shortcut” buttons can be sorted but the “Devices Triggers” CANNOT BE SORTED. From the “Edit Devices” the devices can be sorted and grouped so all cameras can be shown together on the main page allowing device types to be grouped together or maybe grouped by rooms.

All settings mentioned are sortable except as mentioned the “Edit Rules” for the “Devices Tiggers”.

Having 18 “Devices Triggers” it helps to be able to sort like type “Device Triggers” for easy management by grouping all motion sensors or all door switches. As the other settings list allow sorting it would help to allow sorting for the “Device Triggers”

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Sorting the “Schedules” in the “Edit Rules” will help a lot, too.

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I would love to Group my Rules/Automations in a folder like all Living Room Rules in this folder, All Kitchen Rules in this folder. It would help keep all the Rules organized by rooms or however we wish to create/group.


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This right here is something that is becoming extremely critical. I have 154 Wyze products, It is becoming really difficult for me to find and alter rules/automations because I can’t rearrange them or organize them into groups of rules. This might need it’s own wishlist if it doesn’t already exist.

Edit It does exist as a separate wishlist already! Voted!


YES, Duplicate the Triggers and Schedules under Rules. I’ve just started using Triggers to Turn Color Light Bulbs on (I have four Wyze Color Bulbs in a ceiling fan) that are turned on to a specific color based on motion or person detected at.

The four lights face the four sides of the house.

When a doorbell cam detects a person, the Wyze Color Bulb facing the front of the house turns red.

When our 17 year old blind cat enters the cat box, the V3 pointed down to the cat box, triggers the Wyze Color Light bulb facing the back of the house to turn Yellow

I’ve four rules that turn off these four lights when they have been on for 45 seconds.

The lights are visible from my office, the living room, and the kitchen.

My goal is to do the following with the multiple WCO camera’s I have placed outside my house on each side of my house (they are placed on the ground and ‘camouflaged’). Purpose is mainly to pick up wildlife, but to also trigger if a person is detected.

Four Lights (East, West, North South)

WCO’s are located on each side of the house, more than one is some cases.

WCO triggers on “Pet” motion: corresponding light turns on to Green for 45 seconds, then turns off

WCO triggers on “Person” motion, corresponding light turns on to Red for 45 seconds, then turns off.

Creating, and testing all of these, on my phone is a royal pain… and not being able duplicate or sort them, makes for a bit of a mess.


Yes, we need Duplicate a Rule!… as I continue to create rules for various Devices and Actions, I now see I’m repeating the same steps multiple times. If I could duplicate a rule and change the Device and/or Trigger and/or Product and/or Action, it would be a very helpful addition.

Simply let me duplicate and set it to disabled until I edit the duplicated Rule.


Agreed, Love the Wyze Products, Loathe many things about the Wyze App

Agreed, Wyze needs to make rewriting the Wyze App it’s top priority