Air Purifier Grouping

I have two Air Purifiers and wanted to put them in a device group but was unable as currently there is no option to select Air Purifier for Device Grouping.

My request is to allow the Air Purifiers to be Grouped

A Group would be nice just for the sake of organization (some of us have over 200 Wyze devices!).

As an added bonus, if it is possible to allow a group to be controlled all together similar to how the light groups work to allow controlling all the lights together, that would be REALLY AWESOME!
Examples of things that would be great for an Air Purifier group:

  • Switch all in the group to On,
  • Switch all off,
  • Switch all to Sleep
  • Switch all to Auto,
  • Manual speeds (switch all Air Purifiers to Min, Mid, Max, Turbo)
  • Lock/unlock all in the group
  • Timer for all in the group,
  • Rules for automating the entire group together on schedule or based on different triggers
  • Average the AQI between them all on the past 24hrs graph for an at a glance reading and overall air quality in the house

@Jason-L any thoughts on the chances your team might consider any of the above for the future (including just a group for organization purposes since some of us have too many devices cluttering our Home tab)? :slight_smile:

(if you’re reading this thread, please go to the top and vote for an Air Purifier Device Group if you are interested)


Totally agree love all this.


I agree with this request. Also would be nice to see the AQI on the home screen at a glance like the charge state of the robot vac.


Voted !

I just got 1 air purifier for my room but now plan on adding 3-4 more units so being able to set up a device group would be really convenient

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Thank you all for the info. I will let PM know about this.


THANK YOU!!! That would be great!


Thanks @WyzeDesmond

Also appreciate you being active in the forum lately

Good day


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