Combine Events (Sensors, Locks, Cameras, etc.) in the Event Tab

It would be great to have a simple continuous log of sensor/camera events. Right now you can see individual sensor logs or see all camera events, but you cannot go to one spot and see the progression of everything. Whether the log is sensors only or sensors and video, it seems like something is missing by not being able to see a log of all sensor activity in one place on the app.

Thanks, you guys are great!

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This would be great to track the progression of a series of events. I have a camera in my yard for my dog, Often I delete a seemingly inconsequential event, but if something ever happened to her I’d want to know where she was at all the event checkpoints. Also to view comings and goings.

Adding sensor events would be nice, so we can see in chronological order everything that occurred - like a timeline

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Add sensor events to main events screen

Add option to show all sensor events along side camera events. Maybe a toggle to choose which device you want to see in the full list. So for example you could see front door camera along with front door sensor in a timeline (list) view. Or all sensor events in a single list vs having to go to each sensor and view timeline list individually.

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Wyze App Events Tab: Show all products, not just camera

I’m surprised that “event” time-lines are for cameras only. If any other sensors that have triggered, you would have to dig through each sensor to find the history. I have 30 sensors and growing, this is not effective.


  1. All products controlled with the app that trigger ( open/close, disconnected, motion, water, on/off) should show up in events
  2. Should have the ability to filter what the user feels important
  3. Ability to advance search (date, time, device, trigger)

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Events tab to include sensor events

The events tab currently only list camera events. It would be useful to me if other non-camera events were optionally listed in the events tab as well. Things like contact/motion/leak sensor events, or even light switch events. Currently each sensor has its own individual event log and its cumbersome to compare time stamps. Seeing all the events listed together gives a fuller picture of what’s happening.


Wyze sense v2 event integration

It would be great to be able to see sense history on the events page like the original sense did. That’s why i bought the new kit.

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All Event Notifications History in One Place

I have several cameras, door bell, thermostat, climate sensors, entry sensors, motion sensors, leak sensors etc. I get several notifications on my iphone’s home screen when an event happens. When I tap on one of the notification I am taken into the device’s screen in Wyze App. However, if there were series of notifications, I lose all of them on iPhone home screen so there is no easy way in the Wyze app to see the history of all notifications. Yes in case of camera, there is the Events tab where camera detection events are listed but for sensors there isn’t one. Yes, there is history option in each sensor but that means I have to tab into each device to see each device’s history which is impractical for the number of sensors I have.

Please include events from all devices in the “Events” tab.

Thank you!

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Merge all events into single log

Allow contact switch, motion sensor and camera Events to be all listed in a single log.
A log for all devices in a group?

Another way would be to name several groups with the same tag (say SHOP)
and have all those device logs merged in time stamp order.

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Important security feature. I have 30 motion, door, windows sensors and to see if any has tripped, I must have notification set or go look at each individually. One log like the events screen would be so useful.


And I forgot to add that there’s already a similar log for rules history in the account section.

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+1 for making this into a complete event log.

Feel like this needs to be bumped up … Such a basic feature to have a master list of sensor logs.

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Would like the option to see wyze lock (not bolt) notifications for the door being open/closed and locked/unlocked and times in the same place as camera notifications (events). It’s a bit of a hassle to go all the way into the lock itself just to see it’s notifications. This could be added to the filters for those who don’t want these notifications here. It’s nice to have everything in one place for “events”. From a developers perspective, this doesn’t seem like it’d be hard to accommodate. I’m actually surprised that the wyze lock didn’t follow the same style like the wyze cams, where you click on the device to unlock/lock the device and click the gear to edit the device and see all of it’s notifications in the events tab instead of with the device. I don’t mind that notifications are in the actual device side of things, but I’d like them also in the events tab if possible.

This would be a great option, including the wyze lock if possible. Shouldn’t take much either since it’s already doing what is needed in another place.

@WyzeJasonJ is there a way to put easier requests on the radar like this? Haha, just curious.

Possibly, right now I am just going through all the entries and trying to get them sorted, then we will start going over things that may be easily done vs things that could take some time and resources.


thank you!