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It would be a great addition if when an alert prompts I could go directly to the camera group for that triggered area. So if motion is detected on my porch motion sensor, I can tap the alert that appears & go directly to the camera group I have set up, as I have 4 cameras & a motion sensor for that area. For me, when motion is detected on my porch sensor, by the time I open the app, & open the camera group the motion that triggered the alert is often already gone. If this could be an added feature it would be absolutely awesome!


I see you have an Android phone. On iOS, tapping a notification takes you to the event video. I believe it is supposed to work the same on Android. Perhaps one of our Android @mavens can confirm.


That is correct. Android works the same way. Tapping on a notification takes you to the event video.


Thank you but my request is for when something is happening LIVE. Recorded videos dont help much when you want to see where someone is when a trigger actually happens. I have alot of wyze devices, I have turned my house “smart” with wyze & a couple other products, & it takes a while to open the wyze app & scroll through all of the groups. When a motion alert is triggered it would be cool for that alert to take you to the LIVE camera group for the location of the alert. So instead of motion being detected on my porch motion sensor & opening the alert banner taking me to the list of motion alerts & their times I could go directly to the live view for that location. I already saw the banner saying a motion was detected at whatever time on that motion sensor, seeing a list of all the times a motion has been detected is kind of useless to me, as is seeing a past video when I want to see what’s happening now. If a motion alert or person detection would open the camera group so I can save time & go directly to the live camera group associated with the alert it would be much more helpful than seeing past recordings of the original detection. As it stands there are times when by the time I open the app & scroll to find the desired camera group the person or action that originally triggered the alert is gone & or has moved & I must find them on another triggered device. At that point, yes the recording is cool to know what happened but at the time it happens, I’d rather be directed to what’s happening NOW. If I could go directly to the LIVE view of the camera group instead of the past video recording it would be alot more helpful for when something is happening live.

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The way notifications work you will not receive the notification until after the event video has been saved to the cloud. Or at least until we’ll after the event has begun. If you have Wyze Sense motion sensors you may configure those to notify you sooner.

Via HomeKit/Homebridge or maybe IFTTT you could rig something up.


The Blink XT2 has this as an optional beta feature and calls it Early Notification. Basically it sends you the alert the moment it detects an event happening - before the event clip is recorded, rather than in the usual way after the clip has been recorded and saved. And you have the option of immediately going directly to that specific live camera feed.

I know Wyze has a lot on their plate right now with the delayed Android alerts, etc, but I think this feature would be a great addition to consider.

Perhaps one of the Moderators or Mavens can shift this thread over to the Wishlist category? :grinning:


I agree-this would be a great feature. I have had the same experience with late night Notifications and having to wade thru Groups to specific Cam while whatever is already-is-happening has already transpired. I’ll tag the @moderators and see if one will move it to wishlist.

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I actually unfortunately thought that was what I was going to be getting when I first purchased Wyze units, obviously I was mistaken and continue to be disappointed that this never was the intent of having live streaming notifications, ie live burglary theft prevention potential and actual live verbal feedback! Will obviously have to move on to some other American made product for that feature!