Display Pan Angle and Tilt Angle when Setting Waypoints

Would like to see what pan and tilt angles the camera is facing when setting waypoints.
As you pan right, display pan angle 0 to 180.
As you pan left, display pan angle 0 to -180.
As you tilt up, display tilt angle 0 to 90.
As you tilt down, display tilt angle 0 to -90.

Would like to see digitized waypoint setting

Would like to see a feature in Wyze app for setting waypoints for camera where you can see digitally where the camera is facing both horizontally and vertically.
As you pan horizontally, display the horizontal angle as it moves from 0 to 360.
As you tilt vertically, display vertical angle as it moves up from 0 to 90 or as it moves down from 0 to -90.

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