Display only ONE temperature setting in Auto Mode and auto pick the HVAC Heat/Cool

While in the Heat Mode or in the Cool mode, only one temperature is displayed and I can simply turn the temp up/down without even pushing the knob

However, in the Auto mode, TWO temperatures are displayed and I need to:

  • Select the HVAC Mode I need for the desired temp change
  • Tap the knob to select that mode
  • Rotate to pick the temp I want

I suggest letting the software choose the correct HVAC mode. I want to adjust the temperature up/down without any manual HVAC mode selection.

I agree. It would really clean up a user interface to implement faengelm’s suggestion. When in auto, display the setpoint that is in effect at the time, and when adjusting, adjust that setpoint. This would apply to night setback heating and cooling setpoints, too.

There will need to be some checking behind the scenes to make sure that the setpoints do not overlap, heating and cooling at the same time, and a minimum deadband between them such that the system doesn’t oscillate between modes (example: go into heating mode, overshoot the setpoint, go immediately into cooling mode, overshoot, go back into heating, etc)

I’d recommend keeping a setting setup, maybe only needed in the app where all settings are visible, especially for initial setup.