Discount Program for Law Enforcement and Government employees

In a recent conversation with a support specialist I brought up a topic for discussion and was told to bring it here.
I would like to inquire about the possibility of introducing a discount program for government and/or law enforcement employees. I was speaking in particular about the new Gun Safe. It seems to me that one of the biggest supporters of this new technology would be those who would use it and rely on it everyday. I know supporting the government or LE is not very popular right now, but I also know that Wyze seems to be a company “for the people” regardless of their beliefs or political affiliations. So, why not show a little support to those who could also help promote, if only by word of mouth and reputation, your products. Home security and safety are big concerns to everyone, everywhere and especially to those in the LE fields.
A secondary thought would be to partner with well known companies that are already involved in the support of government and LE. For example, companies like Black Rifle Coffee and Nine Lives Apparel come to mind. This would not only put your brand in front of an audience you may not have had exposure to yet, but would also open the doors to possible collaborations that may not have even been inspired yet.
Lastly, in regards to the Gun Safe, putting it in the hands of people whose reputation for review and competence have been vetted in the community would be very beneficial to the promotion of this product. Reaching out to content creators like Matt Carriker with Demolition Ranch and the vast many of others of his caliber, would open the doors of exposure to potentially millions of viewers who are the exact target audience for your Gun Safe.
Thank you for your consideration and as always, best of luck to all your endeavors!