Disassembly of WCO

I have some improvements I would like to install on the WCO but I’ve not been successful in finding a teardown/disassemble video… Any help???

This will work

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Yes I am sure it would it would be like Humpty Dumpty

At the bottom of the camera you have to peal the seal back and all 4 screws are there but it will void your warranty.

Technically it wont. In the usa, a company is not allowed to void a warranty if you simply open a device you own. All those warranty void stickers covering screws/seams are lying.

You can see the screw locations here on the FCC internal photos paperwork.


Technically, opening the device affords the manufacturer many outs. I own a nice bait casting reel, it requires maintenance. Should there be a problem, the manufacturer will first determine if maintenance was performed, then did that contribute to the problem.

As for opening the WCO, it gives Wyze the opportunity to evaluate if the device was re-sealed properly. Any signs of “improvements” would also be looked for.

I’ve seen vehicle manufacturer warranties voided over modifications that owners assumed could not have contributed to the issue that resulted. A badly wired power supply for a dash cam could affect a onboard computer for example. Or an intake system allow small metal shavings into the engine.

Since the OP clearly intends to modify the WCO, they understand the warranty is going to be void. Better to break a $50 device than a $200 device.

Thank you #speadie

What I think we all want is openness with the caveat that if we proceed, our warranty could be adversely affected