WCO Changing Battery

Just a simple thought. Rather than tearing down the WCO enclosure, and rather than having to lose monitoring for the entire time the camera is brought indoors to charge, and rather than running an outdoor power line and void the warranty, one could instead attach a small battery (common USB charger up to 20,000 MaH or so) on or adjacent to the thing and in a more reachable location. Then that battery could be very easily swapped without affecting the camera position or interrupting monitoring.

Yes, this is pretty obvious.

Yes this doesn’t change the fact that the internal batteries will eventually swell / burst / die.

Yes, it still technically voids the warranty (because it leaves the camera’s buttflap open).

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Don’t laugh, it is truly an ‘undocumented’ feature grin

I charged my WCOs for a while by connecting them to 10,000mAh USB battery packs and just leaving them to charge overnight. There’s no interruption in monitoring and they do charge up to the high 90% level.

I didn’t leave the USB chargers in place permanently, just set them out to do their thing and removed them the next day. Eventually I just started bringing the camera in and charging overnight since it’s about the same effort and I didn’t want my chargers to get caught in the rain :slight_smile:

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