Disabling the Green Box?

I have a couple issues. The main issue is the green box. I now have a 32GB card in a couple of the v2 cams on continuous record. A suspicious vehicle was cruising my business this afternoon but when viewing the video a lot of details were blocked by the green box popping in and out all over the vehicle. Can that be turned off?

Another issue is the time stamp on the video files. The time down in the corner of the video in correct but the time stamp on the file is 5 hours ahead. I was trying to view a video taken at 1631 but the time on the file is 9:31 pm. Thanks

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On each camera under Live Stream there is a “More” sub-menu, there you will find “Motion Tagging” which should stop the green box. I’ve never turned it off because I can’t imagine any detail it might cover up being readable without it, but that should turn it off.

Time stamp; on each camera click the gear icon (upper right) and then choose “Advance Settings”. At the bottom is “Sync Time”.


Thanks for the response. The detail that the green box was blocking in this particular instance was the license plate. I turned it off.

I synced the time like you suggested and I have synced it in the past. What confuses me is why the time is always correct on the live stream and recorded videos but off by 5 hours on the files saved to the card?

You are referring to the timestamp recorded in the file’s meta data, yes?
Are you in the EST time zone? I believe the files get timestamped with GMT time. That would explain the 5 hour difference. Not sure that will change as it’s not really intended to be used by the end user.

However, if you look at the file/folder structure, you can determine the time from that. Each days videos are stored in a folder named yyyymmdd. Within those folders are sub folders for each hour 00-24. Within each hour folder are video files named mm.mp4, with “mm” corresponding to the minute of the hour.


I am EST and the file time stamp does appear to be GMT so that explains that. I can work with the offset and it is good to know that it is supposed to be that way and there is nothing wrong with the cams or the setup. Thanks


Sorry, I misunderstood your post. I’m EST also and should have caught that. Also, I try to stay off of ladders these days and not pull the cards. Wish getting to the files was a little easier.

I can reach the higher cams from the roof of my golf cart so it’s not too bad. It took me a few minutes to figure out how the files are saved. Knowing the 5 hour offset and knowing where to look by the time on the events I was able to drill down to the 1 minute long videos. Problem was, when the vehicle turned right exposing the rear of the vehicle the green boxes were dancing all over that area of the vehicle, Vehicle was towing a trailer so I only had a very brief view of the tag area and the trailer tag was bent under. I was viewing the videos on a 60" monitor and was not able to make out the tag number. I still have a good description of the vehicle which is better than nothing.

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Sounds like a future liability claim, but you do what you have to do, right? It does sound like you got a good description of the vehicle and trailer! Do you have enough to file a report with the PD or Sheriff’s Office?

I saw the truck again today, it belongs to a lady who is currently renting a couple of my storage units. She needed another one and was checking for an empty unit so no issue. I’m a little apprehensive because some locks have been cut recently. I have one of the lock cutters on a 12 second video, before I had a card in the cam. It was night and the tail lights made a lot of glare so I can’t make out the color or make of the car.

Really? Seems a phone call would have been more appropriate and more efficient than checking for open doors. IMO.

If it’s at night, you’ll also suffer from black and white night mode, so color may be hard to get. I remember the lock cutting from another thread. Really stinks.

Here in the deep south folks are not always logical. The lady is elderly and I suspect she is a hoarder which is good for my business. I have no vacant units at this time thanks to the hoarding instinct. My next project will be to conceal a solar powered Wyze cam. I want to get a closeup of a lock cutter.

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