Disabling sound stops all notifications

seems i can consistently disable ALL notifications by just turning off sound notifications…but i dont WANT sound to trigger an alert, just motion…so far i’ve just been experimenting with 1 of my cams but they all have the same firmware, all on the same network, this is just on my phone.

i’ve set the sound detection as low as possible but the mic is still picking the slightest sound, generating yet another unnecessary notification. i only want to be notified when wyze detects a person…

anyone else see this happening?

Glad you posted this. My device quit recording on event detection and was not giving ANY Alerts.
I just went and turned ON sound notifications, tested it out and it recorded an event, but NO alert.
Still bummed.
Seems like the the last update really messed things up!

really ticking me off…spent HOURS testing each combination of detection/alerts on 1 cam…exactly what a software test person would do…who knows, maybe someone did and just didn’t document…

what we used to call an “undocumented feature” :roll_eyes:

Curious. What mobile device are you on?
I’m on a samsung S8.
One interesting thing, It seems like i get ONE alert, but then no more after that.
Once I reboot, I then I get one alert again, but no more…