Disabling Power Saving Mode Not Working

Disabling the “power saving mode” feature on my new Battery Cam Pro does not appear to be working correctly. If I disable power saving mode, the camera feed still does not load automatically. See attached screenshots. I have restarted the app, the camera, and my phone. I have the latest app version and device firmware. It’s occurring on both iOS and Android. Is this happening for anyone else?

The app has to check and decide. Its entirely possible the app is bugged there atm. It would be either that or the setting change isn’t happening properly.

If you have it happening on two difference phones then probably not much you can do. Clearing the app wouldn’t do anything (because of the two device test). If other things in settings are working then I’d regard it as bugged.

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This is a known issue that Wyze was able to replicate. I assume they are working on a fix for it.


We definitely are working on a fix.


Its kind of like this: :upside_down_face:

Should it be right side up or not lol.