Digital Dinosaur needs explaining, Lucy!

OK, I am 65, but not too slow. I have a couple of Wyze PTZ cams and a Wyze doorbell. They work OK. Except the doorbell chime is not nearly loud enough. If anyone can explain the fix for that, thanks. But PLEASE do not use any acronyms assuming I will know what you are talking about. Go through the process like you would explain it to a first grader. NO, X that. Make it a preschooler. More appropriate.
Second question. I want to add some Wyze outdoor cameras. A couple here at my home, Two or three at my Mancave a couple of miles away. My mancave is under construction so no power or internet yet.
I read about the feature on the outdoor camera where it links direct to the cellphone without WiFi. To provide security at my Mancave before I have power and internet service that sound pretty good. But I doubt it is that easy.
If I link an outdoor cam direct to my phone does it do so through the phone network? Or by Bluetooth? If Bluetooth the the range is short, right? That means the detection features would not work and video only the playback of images taken while the phone was out of range.
Here is what I want it to do. Short term, until I get regular power and internet service.
I want to put the camera with a battery and solar charger watching the front door and garage door. They are adjacent each other.
I want to link it to my phone and get real-time notifications of booger-bears nosing up to my garage or front door. I would like to greet said booger-bears with a cheery “freeze, sucker” at 3am. I would like for the motion detector initiated video to be recorded and stored whether I greet the booger-bears or not.
Is this level of service possible or must I wait for version elevendy-seven?
Thanks, Nukedaddy

First question our users might ask is which doorbell do you use? Standard or Pro? If you have a original door bell, try Doorbell settings > Accessories > Wyze Chime > Tunes > Volume. If Pro, try Doorbell settings > Chime > Chime Volume.

Well… What you are talking about is Travel Mode. Great for travel in the camper, but if you are NOT on site, then you can’t connect to it. It does not use cellular data to connect to you miles away. And the Base needs power (needed only if you have more than 1 camera).

So you really need Internet-capable WiFi on site for Wyze products. And then I’d recommend powered cams like the V3 over the battery-powered Outdoor Camera if you can run a power line outdoors (usually requires an outdoor power adapter, and power, lol).

So the travel mode is limited to WiFi range AND must have 120 V power for the base which has to go with the cam? Your ad does not mention any of that. It depicts using the cam to monitor tent camping and never shows the base station or a portable generator. Your marketing people have led the ad people astray.
You have been helpful though. I value a candid opinion and an actionable suggestion to a solution. Maybe you should be the marketing director.

FYI almost everyone you talk to on this forum is a fellow customer, not a paid employee. This includes moderators and “mavens” like @Newshound .

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