Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

I’m gonna throw this out there, if anyone wants/needs assistance for Macrodroid setup, or to discuss just how much it can help with automation for a variety of things, send me a PM.


Maybe you can put together some Tip and Tip of the most used options for Wyze.


I know that for Wyze, there may be more advanced things that can be done with strings and some other really techy/coding type stuff… But I’m not THAT well versed.

The main thing Macrodroid can specifically help with (Wyze specific) is taking actions on triggers from Wyze notifications.

Since Macrodroid doesn’t have Wyze api access, Macrdorid doesn’t actually interface with Wyze. It’s just polling for specific triggers (like wyze notifications). It won’t be able to activate wyze settings or anything like IFTTT can do.


Thank you very much. This was a big help.


You’re welcome!


Sorry for the delay! Haven’t been active here today, family graduation event.

Thanks @towelkingdom for covering that for me! Great walk thru.

@tperini54, if you still have specific questions about settings, feel free to DM me with your questions. I have a different sound for all 12 cams, 3 climate Sensors, Thermostat, HMS Alarm\Arm\Disarm, 8 motion detectors and 12 contact sensors. I also have the alarm set to send me an email and a SMS text.


I understand, not a problem. TowelKingdom jumped in and got my issues taken care of and now all is good. Thanks for responding…


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I would like to observe that I find the excellent posts here about workarounds to be very valuable.

Speaking for myself, my goal is to have different alert sounds for each individual camera. I don’t care how I achieve that. If Wyze provides that functionality, great. If I can achieve it with a third party, that’s also great. I understand and respect that others do not agree and insist the functionality must be provided by Wyze natively, but again speaking for myself, that detail isn’t important to me. I had never heard of Buzzkill or MacroDroid before this thread and now I use Buzzkill for many different things, including allowing me different alerts for each Wyze camera.

If some others here feel that posting such solutions is contrary to their own goals or wishes about what this thread is for, I respectfully disagree. I encourage people to post good ways to achieve the goal at hand.


Wish we could make the notification for the motion and the door bell notification a different sound

How to can you make the waze door bell sound a different sound than the motion sound. We have a lot of activity around the house so it goes off so much And the other day I thought it was just motion and it was my meds that needed to be signed for

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Because you have an iPhone, I don’t think you will be able to customize the motion or AI notifications received from the doorbell. That is the purpose of this #wishlist topic.

However, if you enable the VOIP setting in Account>Notifications>Push Notifications>VOIP, you will get a video phone call from the doorbell when the button is pushed. I believe you can then set a custom Caller ID Ringtone for your doorbell in your phone.

Hope this helps!

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Yeah, but there is no special sound or show special screen when someone ring a video door bell. It is hard to know what is what

Have you tried turning on the VoIP option for the Video Doorbells?

You can set that by going to the app, clicking on Account, Go to Notifications, tap on Push Notifications and then Voice over IP.

If you turn this on, you will be called when someone presses the doorbell. you can then answer and be connected to the doorbell with Video


thanks! it works like a charm.

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Still no update from Wyze about this planned feature? Is there a way to tag them for an update?

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Since this thread is roadmap\in development tagged by Wyze, there will most likely be a post here from Wyze or a user testing the Beta when the feature is put out for testing or available in a production release app update.

Since you have posted here, you are defaulted to ‘Watching’ this thread. If you leave that setting on Watching, you will receive an email any time someone posts to this thread. That’s how you will know the status has changed.


It’s currently listed as in development, and rumor has it they’re working on design upgrades in some ways but I don’t recall them saying that notifications was part of it. I actually don’t remember them going into a lot of detail what they were looking to change

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Multiple dictinct tone options would be fantastic to assign to different devices/locations.

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Since you are on Android, until Wyze develops this there is a workaround to get a custom sound for each individual Wyze device and for each type of motion\AI notification. See this post: