Difference in brightness

Can anyone tell me why such a difference in lighting? Both are in same places, behind a curtain, yet brightness is markedly different. Dark one is V2Pan - brighter one is V3. Is it just there is that much difference between the 2 cameras?

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It appears that the starlight sensor in the PanV2 is not performing it’s assigned task.

The only thing that might possibly get it to recover is to toggle the IRNV thru Off\On\Auto and back to off (since that is where the setting appears to be in the pics) and see if it will recover. Then try a power cycle. If that doesn’t do anything, contact Customer Support for a Warranty Replacement due to a faulty Starlight Sensor.


Thank you, I will try those things!

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Is one of those camera thumbnails from a different time than the other? If you add them both to a group so they are live streaming together, is the view better? If you live view that darker picture one does the view show up better?

No, they are both from exactly the same time, The view does not improve when live streaming and the darker one stays darker than other one. Funny thing is the darker one is more eastern and the lighter one is definitely facing west :person_shrugging:

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Can you temporarily move the kitchen cam to the same location of the living room can so they have the exact same view? That would take the different viewpoint and angle out of play in the comparison.

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Another test you can briefly try is place both cameras side by side aimed at the center of a room to compare brightness. Aiming cameras through windows can be tricky with reflections.

Yes, they must be pointed at the same subject at the same time to properly compare brightness.