Difference between v1 vs v2 door/window entry sensors?

Go the Wyze system with monitoring set up a few weeks ago. Using app on Android. Needed more entry sensors and accidentally ordered from both Wyze online and the “Wyze Store” on Amazon. Need to return one of the sets but noticed that the Amazon boxes say v2 while the ones that came from Wyze directly just say Wyze Entry Sensor (so I assume v1). What is the difference? I guess I should return the v1 versions…?

No one is selling the V1 sensors any more, except on Ebay. The ones you have should both be the same.

So you think it’s the same version inside even though the boxes that came directly from Wyze.com don’t have v2 on them? I haven’t opened any of these yet … thanks!
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The label on the back of the V1 Contact Sensor is impossible to read without a microscope (lol), but the model number is WHCS1.

You only need a magnifying glass to read the larger V2, but the model number there is WSES2.

Also, the V1 uses a 3V coin battery, and the V2 uses a 1.5V AAA battery.

Another way to tell at a glance is the smaller magnet assembly is the same height as the sending unit on the smaller V1, and is shorter than the sending unit on the V2:


May be the boxing only. the 3 pack is labeled v2 the other looks like a single pack. But they are the same.

@Newshound provided a great pic to show the differences. Including the write-up

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Wow, just a quick update. Figured I’d return the sensors that came directly from Wyze.com, assuming it would be easiest. Definitely was. I put the info into my account and got an immediate response that there is “no need to return this item” and to keep or donate it. Clicked submit and got an instant refund in my PayPal account. Kudos to Wyze! And thank you to all the forum folks for the input/advice.

I got all my sense hub stuff from wyze first package had three individually boxed entry sensors that do not say v2 on the box but if you turn them over it’s got the v2 model number on it. The second order for more sensors came with the large box holding three each and says v2 on the front of the box.