Didn’t receive a free sticker as part of my pan v3 order

I Didn’t receive a free sticker as part of my pan v3 order as stated on wyze site.
I talked to customer support and he says that my order was not part of 1st 100k orders and hence I didn’t receive it.
But this is mentioned anywhere on wyze site. So not sure


How in the world are you going to use the camera without a sticker now???!!!

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Same here. It’s bluntly put that they include stickers with EVERY camera. Got the same BS canned excuse that you did. It’s not the absence that irritates me. It’s that they said I would get one.

It’s like getting a pan cam that doesn’t pan…

I have no idea, how to use this without a sticker :frowning:

First one to DM me their address gets all of my PanV3 stickers. I will even pay for the stamp if it will satisfy the overwhelming need for paper, ink, and adhesive.

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You’re such a nice guy. Even covering the stamp, etc. :+1:

I wonder if the stickers were just for the first X number of orders? Wyze did say they were including them with every camera, but their “In the Box” details doesn’t show them as part of what’s included:


Since they said every camera, then maybe it was an oversight from the manufacturer, or maybe they pushed it in through the top and the sticker fell out or something? IDK. It is interesting they used the words “exclusive stickers we’re including with every camera.”

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You are not being serious here, are you?


I’ve never understood the hype behind the stickers, I don’t need or want them.

Sure they are nice to have but where am I gonna place them? I don’t really place stickers anywhere, plus it’s just extra trash to throw away from the box

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and advocate that Wyze not include any stickers ever , just more trash that ends up in the land fill tbh .


Did you ever receive your stickers?

I didn’t receive mine either. And I bought 4 of them. The websites says exclusive sticker with EVERY camera purchase. When will you send them to us WYZE?

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Nope. Wyze are essentially liars. In more ways than one.