Cam Pan V3 missing the stickers!

Totally not a big problem! Just wanted to report that my cam pan v3 bought in the canada online wyze store was missing the stickers :slight_smile:

I have a feeling your camera will not function properly now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think our friends south of the border are more spoiled than we are. Look at the prices of the cameras :wink:

I have 14 cams bought from Amazon Canada(11), Amazon USA(1) and Home-Depot(2) and never seen a sticker in the boxes. Never bought from Wyze Canada though but as I can see, it’s probably a USA thing even if I have one that came from USA. All my cams were bought since 2019.

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Price look fair. Convert USD to CAD, add transport/duty/storage to canada, and shipping to you…

I had stickers previously but the cam pan v3, they advertize cute robot sticker for it :smiley: I’m not complaining, I just wanted to let them know I did not get them.


I bought v3 cameras from Amazon and Home Depot. Never got any stickers and would not use them if I did. If you desire Wyze stickers, Wyze has a cool “Downloadable Goodies” page.

I was kidding…

I got a spider web sticker in both of my new Pan V3s. I even got an “Early Backer” sticker in one. I know it’s silly, but I like collecting the Early Backers.

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Mine came with the spiderweb (both cameras). I thought it came with a selection. Lol but either way it’s a nice camera.
Honestly my only complaint is the cord length. These should come with an option to purchase with a longer cord for more.

Mine from Amazon came with only spider web

Same. No stickers for my order. I even contacted them about it and got this:

Thank you for reaching out to Wyze! This is Laurence and I’ll be happy to assist. I’m very sorry that you did not receive the sticker that supposedly come with your Wyze Cam Pan v3. I tried reaching double-checking that concern here with our team and it seems like we only have a limited inventory of the stickers.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience about this but we would like to still thank you for patronizing our products.

Thank you for being the best part of Wyze!

So no customer retention skills here. Just “We ran out. Thanks for buying our s**t…”

I might be the exception, but I toss the stickers. What am I supposed to do, display them proudly or put them in a book like Green Stamps?

Here is further explanation on why I don’t use sticker. For security type devices, I don’t like to advertise what I am using. You can look closely at my house and see my v3 cameras (no need for me to post stickers). I recently put a catalytic converter shield on my truck. You’ll have to crawl under my truck to see what brand of shield is protecting my Cats because I threw those stickers away.

You misunderstand. We talk about the sticker that goes on the cam pan v3, not a security brand sticker. They are intended to make your cam pan v3 cute, not scare the thief away lmfao

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I understand now. Never receive the cute stickers either which caused my confusion.

I’m old and was confusing stickers with badges.

Move on. Nothing to see here.

Well, considering ordering this in Canada is $70 all told, I want my extra goodies. Even if they are pointless…

I assumed the sticker was a double sided adhesive to prevent and trap bugs from nesting on the camera like a glue trap. For years I’ve been successful repelling spiders with ortho home defense. I place a baggie over the camera and soak the area surrounding the camera (outside of course) one application lasts all summer and a second in fall is good until winter and by then it’s too cold for spider activity in my location. I hope the pan V3 is more weather resistant than the stationary V3. Every one I’ve put outside has moisture intrusion behind the lens.

You assumed wrong. The stickers are decorative, like spider web picture that don’t add or remove any functionality to the camera. My, youngest daughter from the age of 8-12 was fascinated by stickers and had them all over her bed, cabinets, dresser and night stand. Thank God she grew out of that phase.

Come on people, grow up. My daughter did :rofl:

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Take a magic marker and draw a spider web on the camera…

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