Do not buy a cam pan!

On my 3rd Cam Pan, total waste of money. The first camera arrived missing the machine screw to hold camera to mount. Camera couldn’t be used in the interim. They couldn’t send me just the screw, they had to send a completely new unit which behaved like Joe Cocker on stage at Woodstock…just start staring into the sky had to call and get a new one. Camera 2 then stopped rotating after a week, had to call again, another 60 mins dealing with customer service. They told me I had to send a video of camera trying to move that was mounted 10’ off the ground. I had stand on a ladder while recording video with an ipad and operating camera with iphone with other hand, performing like a Wallenda. My Iphone cannot record video and operate the camera app. Then they tell me video is too long and need to redo video, which I had to do to have them warranty camera. Finally a new unit #3 sent, now this gem constantly loses wifi connection, we were on a cruise and 3 days into cruise camera, lost wifi, reset camera, dead. We had to ask neighbor to periodically check in on house. Neighbor said we didn’t lose power, no blinking clock lights, wifi thermostat online during this. Camera is less than 25’ from wifi modem/router on 2.4ghz. We have Geenie brand wifi outlet plugs and I have a plug in a shelter close to 100’ away from house/router/modem and the Geenie plug operates every time.

The Wyze Cam Pan, has an 128GB SD card installed so I do not have the “cloud monthly service” which IMO opinion is the key. You cannot gain access to the features that really matter such as all the extra detection modes…those modes stop false alarms. If you setup your camera to pan or standard mode, the amount of notifications are absolutely insane. Example, at night when it scans, the IR light will reflect off a parked car’s license plate/tag and think it’s motion! Think about it, it literally goes off every time it pan’s. We live 500’ off the road on a dead end street and the false alarms are completely unacceptable. Standard mode, everything from flies to leaves falling will set off the camera and send it into a wild scan going up to the sky and then to the ground…almost makes you queasy watching it, it’s so unsteady. So notifications have been completely disabled, otherwise no sleep. The night vision is black and white, unless you leave an outdoor light on…false advertising, probably need the Cam/Rip-off Plus to unlock that feature as well.

Also the recorded video from the SD card is so choppy, example UPS driver arrives, you can see driver arrive walk about 10 steps then nothing, then you see the truck drive away. Or you will have a video of a deer magically appearing in the middle of your yard and then magically disappearing like a ghost, it’s a joke.

A cheap doorbell camera will do a better job than this thing. Bottom line without signing up for the over priced Camplus service this camera is a piece of junk and I honestly believe this is done on purpose. I would not be surprised that they make more money from the Cloud service than hardware sales.

You’ve be been warned

Out of curiosity, which features “really matter” that you aren’t able to access without a subscription?

facial, pet, package recognition, they even state “fewer false alerts” not included/activated with SD card. Obviously the camera is capable of delivering these features with an SD card but they choose not to and make you pay extra to unlock it with a monthly plan.

SD Card Recording is a basic cam feature of all Wyze AC Powered Cams. All features of SD Card Recording are available on all subscription levels, even no subscription.

Customers with Cam Plus Unlimited and Cam Protect get the exact same SD Card Recording features as customers without a subscription.

SD Card Recording is not limited by subscription. Nor does the presence or absence of an SD Card or the enabling or disabling the SD Card Recording have any affect on a subscription or lack thereof.

These features do not operate continuously without a cost. Wyze programmers do not work for free. Amazon Web Services, who hosts Wyze Servers, aren’t giving away computing power and bandwidth for free. Wyze Service partners who provide a host of iOT solutions under contract with Wyze are not charities. The minute you plug in that cam and connect to the Wyze server, you are costing Wyze money, day after day.

As stated prior, the problem is the extra features that you do NOT get with a SD, Example, My Tesla provides many more features, updates, services, and new features than this WYZE camera and the data going to and from the Tesla server is a heck of a lot more and the cost? Free, free, free

It would be like Apple only unlocking certain features, the ones that would make the phone perform as advertised, only if you pay for premium icloud services, can you imagine the uproar.

Oh wow. Did you really just compare your Wyze Cam, at $35.00 cost, to your Tesla at anywhere between $50,000.00 and $100,000.00? Seriously? Where is the hidden camera?

If you can afford a Tesla, you can afford a Cam Plus Subscription. I can’t afford a Tesla, but I can scrape together $99.00 a year for Cam Plus Unlimited and would gladly pay more. But maybe that’s because I’m not buying Teslas and iPhones.

Again… There are no extra features tied to the SD Card. All customers get the same SD Card Features regardless of subscription.

Again, really bad analogy. Especially when you are paying the exorbitant extortion price for the iPhone just for status and accepting less function.

Premium services demand a premium price. Ask Amazon. Ask your Streaming Service. Ask your Cable Company. Ask WalMart. Ask any App Programmer out there that has an app with a Pay version.

The features matter, just not enough to pay for them?

I lol reading this VERY long p̶o̶s̶t̶/rant :joy:

I have Wyze cam since day 1, even some of my accounts are marked as “legacy” but never I encounter any problems with my cams (v1, v2, v3) including cam pans. If only OP spend a bit more time to read the manuals or at least as simple as google, pretty sure those “issues” can be resolved as they’re basically set-up and get-to-know your camera knowledge.

The icing on the cake was when OP compared Tesla technology with Wyze :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Obviously you’re either a wyze employee and/or fanboy. You never addressed essential features they brag about which you need to pay to unlock said features that should be included. Admit it, the camera is a terrible product without the service. Your answer is to throw shade on these “terrible” companies, Tesla and Apple. Why because they include essential software/features with the price of the hardware and the product isn’t half baked when it goes out to the public? Neither company is at the top of their respective pricing scale compared to their competition. There are Android phones that eclipse $2k, Huawei and Samsung, and go price Tesla’s competition such as Mercedes, Lucid, Audi. Tesla and Apple products are a good value, not cheap crap.

You are correct, I can afford both Tesla(s) and Iphone(s), and again you’re missing the point. Features that make a product function properly should be included with the initial purchase, period. The Cam-Pan v3 is a terrible product without the subscription and that is flat out wrong. It’s a rip-off to pay for a service just to make the product work as advertised. I would have paid more upfront for the camera, instead of being nickel and dimed to death for a monthly service. Oh, and I forgot to mention you cannot access your cameras from a laptop, THAT’S EXTRA AS WELL, need the monthly subscription service to look at your cameras, GENIUS. I’m sure the camera will most likely stop functioning soon and be out of warranty so I’ll move on. It’s a miracle it’s lasted 6 months, 6x’s as long as the others.

As far as you not being able to afford a Tesla and an iPhone that’s on you and the decisions you made. Ask Wyze for a raise, change careers, or go back to school and get a better job. Listen to your parents, whatever you’re doing isn’t working. But the good news is you still have your $99 Wyze subscription watching/recording what I don’t know? Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound very valuable, you probably don’t even need cameras.

To reiterate and say it with me,
-Features that make a product function properly should be included with the initial purchase.

  • Features that make a product function properly should be included with the initial purchase.
  • Features that make a product function properly should be included with the initial purchase.
  • Features that make a product function properly should be included with the initial purchase.

Take care and Happy Holidays

I can access my cams on the web, cam-plus includes that, and I have over 20 cameras so $99 a year for Cam-Plus is a deal then at $0.42 per camera a month.

Definitely NOT a fanboy as when my current cameras die off I will swap out with other brands than Wyze because in my opinion the cameras are just barely satisfactory.

You should just give your cameras to someone you wish to be burdened with having to deal with Wyze :rofl: or trash them.

I also have other cams currently but they are commercial high-end cams made by Cohu and WTI that feed an NVR.

As far as any EV’s they all suck with the current battery technology, I could buy any on the market and pay cash, but I’m smarter than that‼️ Until true solid state batteries hit the market I would not even consider the current offerings.

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Just my opinion but here’s my perspective -
First, the Cam Pan V3 was recently selling for $29 and its quality is in line with that cost. There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to avoid buying one. I’ve already experienced very poor motion detection at anything beyond about 17 feet.

I’ve also found that they don’t always return to privacy mode when turned off. Initially it was just one of them but yesterday I noticed that it happens intermittently with all of mine.

But the extra features you’re looking for like AI detection are things that happen on the server side. The camera itself does not do that processing locally, it happens on the Wyze (AWS) servers and requires server space, computing power, and a lot of bandwidth.

Tesla is a horrible comparison. First, a Tesla is $50K+. Can’t really compare that to a $29 camera. Second, the cost of all that stuff from Tesla is built into the price of the car. Third, Musk is a lunatic and is constantly screwing with the features that are available to drivers. One day you may wake up and find that your driving range has suddenly been reduced by 20%, or maybe some extra power will be unlocked, then removed again, etc… Teslas also tend to catch fire and have a very unusual habit of crashing themselves into emergency vehicles when on autopilot or FSD. And for the privilege of crashing into emergency vehicles you get to pay them $50K+.

Wyze provides everything you mentioned for roughly $99/yr. And that covers all your cameras. I think I have 13 cameras right now and they are all covered and I get person, pet, etc, detection, no cool-down period between events, and all that other stuff.

I also have a Ring doorbell that cost me $60 and which also requires a subscription to basically do anything at all. I have a Ring alarm system too. Fortunately the alarm monitoring service is $200/yr and includes all the features for the doorbell too.

BTW, I also have a Toyota Rav4 Prime and in order to have access to the Toyota app that basically lets me pre-warm or pre-cool the cabin (a feature that only works 50% of the time at best) and lets me check the tire pressure remotely and whether my doors and windows are open or closed, I have the privilege of paying $16/month for. Oh, that includes the ability to use the built-in navigation that is…built-in and already paid for.

It’s unfortunate that our entire economy is moving towards everything being subscription based and I don’t like it one bit but I don’t think it’s fair to single out Wyze for doing what everyone else is doing.

I bet that if Wyze sold their cameras for $100 they could probably afford to include all those services.

But they still give you the choice to not pay for them and you can still use the camera to record 12 second clips AND record 24/7 on an SD card. All with a $29 camera.

Well said, if that’s true about the AI portion of detection then I understand why the camera can’t do the detection that it should because it doesn’t have the computing power in the camera itself. Thanks for the info

I agree tesla wasn’t the greatest ex. but I was thinking of who doesn’t charge on the software side, and I could only think of tesla and apple for features that are deemed essential.

Sorry to hear about about toyota charging just to start car, I believe it was BMW that started that. Don’t forget Toyota BZ4x wheel recall, wheels falling off. On the EV side, tesla has never issued bulletins/recalls about not parking indoors or near a building i.e. ford, gm, and just recently jeep about fires. But that is for another time and another forum.

I appreciate the info from bryonhu and guitarman, thanks I learned something today

happy holidays

I did address this. The entitlement you feel as “essential features” are not. They are premium features, premium features that require a subscription. Premium features that I have opted to subscribe to from the moment my trial subscriptions ended on my 28 cams. Premium features that I value and feel add incredible value to my security cams. I am accustomed to paying for services I value rather than expecting the world to give me value added services for free. And this coming from the cheap as dirt person who refuses to pay my Fiber ISP for more than 200Mbps service that I will never use.

I would be more in the Fanboy camp, which I don’t find as a negative. I attribute that to the fact that I have come to realize the value in the services and products being provided by Wyze and I have learned how to employ those products and services in an effective manner.

I don’t recall referring to these companies that way, but thank you for now introducing that image. What I do think is that they are phenomenally overpriced and overhyped for their value. I don’t understand the logic in buying products for the sole purpose to own the Badge when I can pay a third or less and get more functionality. But, it’s a Fanboy thing. There’s no shame in that. I get it.

Since I have been retired since 2012 after a 22 year career, with full pension, and am over half way to my second retirement and pension, I think I will be ok. But thanks for the concern and advice.

Now that I think about it, I suppose I misspoke. I can afford them. I just can’t afford the mental anguish I would feel afterwards knowing it wasn’t worth it and I could have spent that money.much more wisely.

I actually like the way Wyze structures their Unlimited subscription. For the price of 5 individual Cam Plus subscriptions, I am able to put 99 cams on Cam Plus Unlimited while incurring no additional cost. After my first 5 cams, I am getting 23 Cam Plus subscriptions for “Free, Free, Free”. I don’t think I have ever seen a “Buy 5, Get 94 Free” offer. I am steadily building up to 99 over time. I have 8 more cams on the bench awaiting install.

I’m not sure that typing it four times makes the point any more true, but the bullets do add flare. And, since the functions that make the cam operate properly are included with the initial purchase, it is reassuring to see that Wyze is adhering to this demand from you. However, I will agree they aren’t providing the services you want to be included with the cam purchase. Those are the Premium Services you feel you shouldn’t have to pay for like everyone else does. There are many thousands of users beyond the millions of cams on Cam Plus that use their cams without a subscription. They just have to be vigilant about where they place their cams and what sensitivity settings they choose.

I have purposely avoided specific mention of the PanV3 in my previous replies because you do actually have some grounds to feel this way. Not because of the Premium Services that aren’t on the cam and that you don’t want to pay for, but because of the cams mechanical shortcomings.

I have 4 PanV3 cams and I am not buying more until it gets fixed. I did have on of my original PanV3 cams exhibit the same odd behavior where the travel limiters seemed to reset themselves and rotation was all messed up. That cam up and died and Wyze replaced it under the 12mo Warranty. The PanV3 is a great Manual PTZ cam. But, for a Scanning and Tracking Outdoor PTZ, it needs considerable work. With the Drift issue still present a year after release, and the overwhelming numbers of customers reporting offline connectivity issues, I can’t recommend this cam right now either.