Devices offline via Google Home App

Just wanted to share some feedback. Back in NOV I experienced the outage where all devices showed offline. Afterwards I reset my devices and was back online. Recently I experienced a similar situation but saw there was a new IOS app but again it didn’t fix my issues. I due use Wyze mainly through my Google Home service and found after the IOS Wyze App update I could control my Wyze devices through the Wyze App with success but still not working with Google Home. At this point knowing it would take some time to start Factory Rest my devices since a soft rest would not work. But I found out something I hadn’t seen in the self help troubleshooting steps to share unless it was posted elsewhere. And trust me I did a bit of hunting on forums. After only resting one device I I went to Google Home to add the device and wow it asked me to resign in to my Wyze account and reconnect all 15 devices. Please Share this troubleshooting tip/step and if I may have missed it. It wasn’t easily to find. Thx!

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