Devices not connecting to child router?

Wyze flood light on garage was just to for for my Spectrum Wi-Fi router so… I just installed the wyze mesh pro. I’m not going to vent on on the issues I had getting this up and let’s get to the issue:

  • house 1200sqft dry wall
  • root in center of home on top of entertainment center.
    -chid router in front office next to garage
    -flood light cam and door bell show low or poor connectivity
    -checked which routers devices are connecting to and they are connecting to the root router in the living room and not the child router that is within 25 ft of them.

any suggestions?

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @jaredx69! :raising_hand_man:

I have 4 WMR Pro’s running. I feel your pain.

Users have previously identified an issue with the WMR’s relative slowness in updating current data into the App. It appears that App reported data may not be the true, real-time status of the network. I find that troubling.

Getting devices to connect to the node with the best signal for that device has also been identified as an issue. Some devices seem to develop an affinity for the Root Node and won’t switch to a Sattelite Node easily. And, if they do, it doesn’t show that in the app until hours or days later.

When I need to reset the network:

  1. Make sure your Routers are all Optimized.
  2. Unplug devices
  3. Reboot Network
  4. Plug in devices

For the FLP, make sure it is connecting via 5GHz.

Thank you for the reply that is very sad to hear!

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