Device Offline - Cloud with Checkmark?


I had an unscheduled internet outage last night, so my lights are in that limbo phase of offline and reconnecting.

I noticed in the app there is the Device Offline icon in an individual device and when I touch it, it then gains a blue checkmark.

What does that blue checkmark mean?

Also, is there any tips for these lights to connect back? I don’t have the time to go through and remove and reconnect 13 lights every time I have a power blink or internet outage outside of my control.

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The blue check mark (when viewing bulbs in a group) is indicating that the bulb is selected. All the selected bulbs will be the ones that your color and brightness settings apply to. If you deselect all of them, it will default to applying to all of them.

The cloud with a line through it indicates that the bulb is offline. If it’s not coming back even after you have confirmed the internet and power works, you could try flipping the switch off for 10 seconds and back on.

Copy that. Thank you for the checkmark explanation. I don’t have any in a group and use them mostly through Google Home.

I have tried the off and then on. I figured they timed out on trying to reconnect. I’ll attempt it again and if anything reset the lease on my network controller.

Makes me want to implement a UPS into my network stack so I can at least accommodate for one of the two issues I run into with the Wyze bulbs.

Thank you for your answer.