Bulbs always show "on" in app when powered off

Looking for some help with my Wyze bulbs. I have two bulbs that spend most of their time powered off. They used to show the little cloud icon indicating they were offline. But now the app shows them as constantly “on”, and they aren’t even powered. What’s going on here? Seems to be a bug in the app. Anyone else seeing this?

Power the bulbs on then go back and check the app to see if functionality is working properly
it probably happened because of this


Thanks! I will try this when I get home and see if it works.

Looks like powering them up again and letting them synch worked. Sounds like it probably was the server bottleneck. Thanks!

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Glad ya got em working right

Mine does that when my internet is acting up. I just have to wait it out for a few minutes then go back in until the little offline cloud icon is off and the on/off switch is available to turn it off. Annoying, but I don’t know if there’s any other way.