Developer Home Google & Wyze Devices

Is anyone familiar with this Google Home Developers website. It contains info to program Wyze Cams, Lights, Sensors, Outlets with other devices … The list of devices is long …

Looks promising, Interesting…

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Yea, been trying to play with it and use what they provide. The current downside is that they don’t include Wyze Motion or Contact Sensors which is what I am in need of.

Unless, you have a method of doing it. :slight_smile:


It does look promising… If I was the type that wanted to spend countless hours programming my Routines in scripted YAML markup language myself.

As the titles indicate, this is Developer level integration coding that Google, by opening the doors to Joe User and inviting them in to muck about, has essentially indicated they aren’t going to code and integrate. The read between the lines message I get is “We aren’t doing it. If you want it, you do the work.”

The beauty of using Alexa, for example, is to point, click, and save an integrated routine. It doesn’t require any programming knowledge of structure, syntax, or flow. All that happens behind the app on the server because it is already coded into my simple, idiot proof, selections of clearly identified Triggers and Actions.

The fact that I also have to do this script coding, editing and verification thru a Web UI is bothersome.

As @spamoni4 indicated, there is also a very limited selection of Wyze device and Trigger\Action possibilities. A small fraction of what is already available over in Alexa. There are only 13 Triggers and 22 Actions for only a small handful of devices.

On the plus side though, I do like that it includes the ability to use data collection calls, variables, and conditions among other useful script tools.


On limited devices, does it seems like Wyze is holding back integration?

I want to program something from the Wyze doorbell

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Do they even have resources devoted to creating the device code to list within the developer section when Google has pushed all integration within GH onto the user to direct code within individual accounts? What is their ROI?

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Return on investment not sure… revenue on investment on the other hands, I will gladly purchase 10-20 Wyze door sensors vs some other zigbee/matter door sensors if integration is delivered.