Detection Zone is now less granular

I am moving my cams over from Wifi 5 to Wifi 6. I re-added two v2 cams and noticed the detection zones are less granular. Can I draw mulitple boxes? I would imagine I cannot revert to the old, more granular method?

New method

Old method

Thanks for any suggestions or condolences.

It’s a bug. This happened to @peepeep recently as well.

I am not sure why it is happening sometimes to some people and not others though. This happened in the past and Wyze fixed it. I think they somehow fixed it with a backend update IIRC, which is weird to me. Now you’re the 2nd person who I noticed reported this is back again, so at least now we know it’s not an isolated incident.

Peep, did this ever get resolved for you are you still in suffering?

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I have given up on this. Submit. Embrace the darkness. The end is nigh. :slight_smile:

…just so ya know, very cheerful Canadian fireman @gyzmo has given up, too. As has angry muppet . We are a diverse squad of giver-uppers.

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Proud to be #2, I think.

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Okay. Embrace and learn to live with this handicap. Life goes on.


November 2023 and broke again.

I vote for regression testing, if that matters.

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Learned the v4 has the same granularity I used to have. Might be time to get at least one.