Detection Zone defaults

Detection Zones:
When toggled too ON, why can’t all the boxes be enabled be default?
As it is now, you have to use your finger to allow everything and then select the objects you want blocked out? It’s a lot of extra work, not efficient

What? You just highlight the areas you want as a detection zone. Why would you have to touch anything twice? Don’t do that.

On a tangential note, I just tried with an older firmware camera that did not already have a detection zone. Because it’s older it had the resizable box and the zone defaulted to a subset of the center of the frame.

Like your idea. Default to full DZ blocks open\off and let me touch the objects in the field I want to block out \ black out.

Also, vote for your wish. The post doesn’t do that for you automatically.

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I have read that the way I want it to be was how it USED to be a while back.
It just makes sense to me for it to default to ON and you simply tap what you dont want to be detected or cause motion detection.
As it is now, its all dark and sometimes depending on where you are you cant exactly see what you want to block out until everything is ON.

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Okay. For a lot us it makes more sense to highlight the areas we DO want detected (walkway and stairs vs. trees, etc.) but I see your point. An “all” toggle might be nice (but this is really a once a year operation at most…)

Well the thing is, for me I have already set up 25 cams this month alone and the month isn’t over yet.
Thats what happens when you like a product, you become the best salesman for it.
I recommended it on Facebook and it took off and a lot of my friends and local businesses bought some and are paying me to install.

Wyze should sent me a T-shirt Ha!

Anyways, its just that I noticed it, and I added it to the list of many things that could make it better and more common sense applied.

I feel it would help others in the future on installs.


Voted :smiley:
Speaking of the old dz, when is that Gunna go away? My v2 still has that.