Default Detection Zone

Is there any way to change the default detection zone? Even after I went in and made it the way I wanted it, it only shows the bottom half of the screen.

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When you say the bottom half of the screen , do you mean the blue zone you see in the camera ? That is the PIR effective area , that’s what the camera uses to determine when to trigger an event. The outdoor cameras use PIR sensor.

When you say detection zone do you mean the detection zone where one uses rigid boxes to set up a detection zone or the blue zone thats the pir effective area on the camera

If you mean the pir effective area that’s showing as blue on the camera screen , then no you cannot change it’s area on the screen. Since the pir is in the bottom of the camera , the pir matches it’s placement and is only detecting the bottom half of the screen technically. Not saying it won’t detect anything outside of the pir effective area but it would need to be In range of the pir sensor to trigger an event . Try and mount your camera higher up so the pir effective area can detect more

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Thanks, that is what I was talking about.

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