Denial of Service Attack on my Camera yesterday

Yesterday all my security software went crazy warning me a of a denial of service attack on my network. It was all hammering away at just one of my Wyze pan cameras. Turned the power of to the camera and the attack stopped, but when I powered it up the attack immediately continued. Ended up taking it down all day and then reinitializing it. Was coming from which in Vancouver WA.

That ip belongs to Wyze

What are you calling a Denial of Service attack?

And yes, I know what a DoS attack is.

Is your camera exposed to the internet directly? Do you have any kind of port forwarding enabled? As noted above, the IP belongs to Wyze which would mean the camera most likely established the connection rather than the other way around. A DoS attack would probably not be possible if the camera isn’t directly exposed to the internet because outside systems wouldn’t have any path to the camera.

As noted it was almost certainly not an “attack” of any kind. I suggest you disable most of your “security software”. Seriously. Unless you understand how it works, it can cause more trouble than it is remotely worth. Your router, in its default settings, protects your internal network from basically everything. Nothing can reach your Wyze cameras!

Just keep everything behind your router, run the default Windows antivirus from Microsoft, and be careful about opening e-mail attachments and visiting sketchy web sites. That is all an average person needs to do.

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I had the same problem yesterday. I have a nighthawk router and it was notifying me that i had a dos attack every time the camera picked up someone moving in the camera view. It started after installing a new V3 pro camera. I have other cameras from Wyze and they do not get this notification from my router.

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I’m getting the same thing on my new v3 pro.

Flat out - your router is lying to you. Read what Customer said a year ago…