Delivery Van and Smoke alarm notification

This amazon delivery van’s reverse horn triggered smoke alarm notification on my Wyze cam.
Any way to filter out such nuisance alarms?

It looks like that’s an outdoor mounted camera. Is there any particular reason why you have it set to detect smoke alarms outside? If not, toggle it off in the app. :slight_smile:


Yes, Camera is mounted outdoor above the garage door and I have a smoke detector inside the garage. No other camera in my house can listen to this smoke alarm in garage.

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I understand. Currently, there is no way to do what you are asking for. However, you might want to look at, and possibly vote on this #wishlist request.

That’s weird. My camera didn’t detect my smoke alarm that actually DID go off (no actual fire, I can’t remember what triggered it).

I listen to a lot of Classical music during the day. Bach and Tchaikovsky in particular seem to trigger both as a CO2 and Smoke Alarm.

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