Delivery time for Sense contact sensors?

How many days to Austin TX should I expect from the day I place my order? Are we talking 4-5 delays, or “out of stock, deliveries soon” or something in between? Thanks

Hi Odysseus and welcome to the Wyze community.

I was digging through my records here and found where I had placed an order on 3/27/2019, bound for Austin, and received it on 4/29/2019. Wyze shipped the item on 4/25/2019.

I would think a week is a reasonable window for delivery on in stock items.

I’d guess yours was 30 days because it was before introduction? It was actually introduced for general sale on 5/8/2019. Edit: I see you changed your response.

A reasonable expectation would be 4-7 business days. I would expect the contact sensors are in stock:

You should just hope it gets there soon. Most all of my orders have been filled promptly by Wyze then handed to USPS. But, for example, Wyze shipped me a replacement cam at the end of May, to Fulton, MS. Our post office is served out of Memphis, TN. I was able to track it from Seattle to Memphis (a couple of days) only to see it return to Seattle, for a few days, before it was finally sent back out to me.
And remember holidays add extra time.

Thanks for your helpful replies.

Ordered it on Thursday afternoon and it arrived on Tuesday! No complaints there.