Deliver to Australia


How can I purchase your camera and have it shipped to Australia?




Hey Mark, that’s not available yet. You could check Amazon?

Shipping is only available to the continental U.S. We are not able to ship to Alaska and Hawaii or outside the continental U.S. at this time.

hello mark! unfortunately we don’t ship to Australia for now.

Any ideas what “for now” means? “No current plans”, “Maybe in a few months”, “Check back tomorrow???”


Another vote for shipping to Australia, please.


Can we please have it available in Australia too?

Might be tough for us to support shipping to other countries as of now as we’re just a small startup. We really want to provide the best support and are trying hard at that. :slight_smile:

Ok so 4 votes for Australia. We’re definitely getting quite a lot of demand from there! :wink:

Greetings, another vote for Australia. If we bought in batches of 20 would that be enough to send over ?

Put me down for 4! If only we could get them in Australia. …

Hi Wyzecam,

You should seriously consider supplying the Australian market.

Amazon has just launched in Australia.

We also have a major electronics retail store called JB HiFi that sells a Wyzecam look alike called Spot+.

Please see the link

Australia is well known as a lead market for many innovative products.

Australians are also well known as early adopters of new technology and would be a good test market for you.

Please consider, I am sure you would be successful with a high quality product at an affordable price.

A great opportunity to take a leadership position in the security camera market in Australia and then use this as a path to introduce a full range of other smart home devices.

Looking forward to seeing your camera in the market soon.




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This company will send US only address to Australia Buy in the USA, ship to Australia with Borderlinx

they don’t ship to Canada and we are just next door. :frowning:

This company can send on behalf Buy in the USA, ship to Canada with Borderlinx

Please please please deliver to Australia!

I live in Melbourne and people hate each other here so much no matter the ethnicity. Caucassians are the most angry. We need at least 6 cameras in our home.

Kindly manufacture dashcams as well! Aussies are extremely irate and confrontational and it would be really handy to have a Wyze dashcam in my car!


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Yes I’ll buy 5 if you deliver to Australia!


Got a nice traveller to buy and deliver one to me in Sydney for $50 Aud a pop through Relatively new site so I think they get the orders done pretty quick. Arrived at my doorstep 2 weeks after request :slight_smile: Think you can just click I want one too on

Hi there,

1+ for Australia

lets say we are able to buy the cam on amazon (?) etc and have them deliver us the cam, would you be able to tell us if the 14 day free cloud backup would be available to us ?

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+1 Please deliver to Australia!

@ThatWyzeGuy - I feel your small startup pain but here’s some reasons why AU should be a target for you…

  1. We can read and write American
  2. We have the internets
  3. We're used to paying ripoff o/s postage
  4. If Aus were a US state, we'd be your third biggest in population. >24m = Larger than Florida.
  5. We're not that much further than Hawaii
  6. We write nice reviews.
  7. Kangaroos.
Does that seal the deal?

Yes, but next you’ll be asking for venomous-spider-proof enclosures and whether the cameras will be ruined when you spill vegemite on them. Nobody needs that.


Personally I volunteer to re-ship cameras if someone wants to trust me to do so and things the cost of shipping still makes sense. I ship stuff to friends and acquaintances overseas all the time, I have an Endicia account for my business so it’s trivial to do.