Help needed from forum-members [Moved]


We live in Denmark and seems a little hard to get Wyzecams shipped there at the moment.

If anyone would help out and be middle part in the shipping it would be perfect.

We could order some wyzecams, get them sent to you, and you could ship them along to us. Payment could he a wyzecam for you included in the order, and we will of course pay the shipping upfront. (We just need to know the shipping costs. So if you happen to work at FedEx or another company and can ship overseas for less, that would be even more perfect :-))

If you would like to help either write here or send mail to wyzecam(at)kreissl.Dk


Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Best regards


I’ll do it. My username is my email address. Shoot me an email.

Bump :slight_smile:

Anyone else able to help ?

Please be cautious. craigslist | about | scams

Thanks for the concern

I assume most wyzexam users are decent people :slight_smile:

I just need a middleman to ship the package along to Europe :slight_smile:

If you would do that for me, that would be great :slight_smile:

Why can’t you order it from Amazon, and handle it that way?

Also, have you tried contacting Wyze to see if they can do custom shipping jobs for a small added fee?

<p style=“text-align: left;”>Thank you for the input :-)</p>

Amazon won’t send to Denmark either. I will ask wyzecam for a custom shipping and then I will give it a rest and hold my breath till they ship overseas :slight_smile:

That would be my suggestion… Reach out to the WYZE Team and im pretty sure they will help you allot better.
Nothing against Amazon , but why take the time to use the Middle Man When you have direct access to the Leaders & Creaters of the Company/Product in one place?Definitely reach out to the team here! They will be the best at achieving the goal you are trying to accomplish…

Does Demark use 110v in houses? I lived in Britain for 2 years and that country is 220 outlets. Wyze cam uses 110v

We use 220v in Denmark, but since wyzecam is powered by USB it shouldn’t matter much


They team can’t make a custom shipment, so I will hold my breath until it’s official

Thanks for all your input