Delayed of Rules via Sensors

Is anyone having issues with delayed rules activating after sensor triggers? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It all started with the Wyze logging outage and was resolved later on, but today it happened again.
I restarted my routers (mesh), modem, and all cameras with bridges. Turned off all bulbs and on again to reset them. Everything is connected fine moments later.

I can see the camera and turn on/off the lights from the app, but the rules aren’t engaging when the sensors senses my presence.
Sometimes they turn on only minutes to 10mins after the sensors detected me.

As I was writing this;
notifications are now being sent to my phone at a delayed time.

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A few minutes ago I noticed that my rules which trigger lighting based on motion and contact sensors are again not working. Hopefully its just a minor hiccup. I haven’t tried them again yet to see if it has resolved.

Hope it is. Everyone is home now and majority of lights are tied to motion sensors.

Same here, not working , its a shame we need to tell wyze about the problem. No one monitors the health of there networks. Another outage that will know nothing about until sensors dont work

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Same. Sensors all stopped.


That is the second time during the last week. Any information?

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Same here, mid-Atlantic East coast… sensors down, everything else seems to be working.

Will summon Wyze…

My sensor/motion triggers are running about 20 mins behind as well

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It just started here in SW Virginia as well. Motion sensors has a horrible delay at the moment.

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I’ll report this now.


all my sense offline also

why doesn’t wyze have a fail back trunk for this by now? this service goes offline far too often and for far too long.


Same here. Also have a low battery notification that keeps getting sent to me for the same sensor every few minutes. But none of my rules or Alexa routines based on Wyze sensors are working.

Follow this thread for updates and discussion

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Same here. Been getting dirty looks from everyone all night. They’re wondering why we still have wyze products when they never seem to work properly…