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Well, search turned up a couple of other complaints about similar issues, but I didn’t see that there were any answers. Since 1 or 2 firmware updates ago, or maybe it was 1 or 2 app updates (I can’t be sure) - there’s a BIG delay between opening the iOS app’s LIVE view on my Cam Outdoor and seeing what’s actually “live” outside.

It may be only a few seconds delay but if I hear something outside and switch to the app, I expect to see a live view. First, I see a snapshot of whatever I last looked at, in the app. The I click the live view and see what appears to be live, but the timestamp shows it to be an old view. THEN, finally, a few seconds later, I see the actual live view. Unfortunately, lots can happen in that time. I used to be able to see live view almost instantly - can we roll back to however that was done, please?



I’ll be honest, this is always a tough diagnosis. Is it a hardware issue? Is it a network issue? Is it a server issue? Is it some combination of all three?

When you say “old view” is it minutes, hours old or a few seconds old? Have you changed your network setup at all or added any high bandwidth-using devices? Is it a consistent problem, every time you go into the app you have a XX-delay before you get the “live” view?

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Well, the hardware (with the exception of maybe 2 firmware updates) and network setup is the same as when I had NO delay.

The “old view” can be hours old, in the “preview” on the home screen, and then opening live view very briefly can show that hours-old view, then switch to a different old view and then, approximately 5 seconds later, I get “actual live” view. And yes, EVERY time, there is at least a 5 second delay before I get the “actual” live view - unless, maybe, I’ve JUST been in the live view and flipped briefly away.

And I know that this is usually ignored in troubleshooting - but it didn’t used to do this!


It’s the camera and nothing else.

I have had the delay ever since I bought V2 cams. Now on V3 I noticed scrolling down through cams and back up show the old views for about 10 seconds.

When I hear a noise outside and click to see what is outside it is too long. Whatever happened is long gone. This includes catching the mailmain.

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Quick thought, are you sure WiFi is on on your phone?

I don’t work for Wyze so I can’t fix anything but one idea that comes to mind is doing as clean an app re-install as possible.

I don’t know how to do this on iOS but I’d (1) logout in the Wyze app, (2) clear any storage/cache on your device for the Wyze app and (3) uninstall/delete the Wyze app (4) do a little a prayer and then (5) re-download, install and log-in.

I don’t think this will fix it but it is one of the few things within your control that you can do without depending on anyone else.

I’ve had the same 4 WCO since October 2020, using iOS and it has always taken them at least 2-3 seconds to load live view no matter where I am, sitting next to the router or 100 miles away. The V3 cams take about 2 seconds.

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Yes, Wi-Fi is pretty much always on.

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Seeing the same delay here. The Live View used to come up a few seconds after clicking on the play button. Now it will take 30+ seconds, sometimes over a minute. Once displayed, all works as before. But the significant delay is new in the past few weeks.

This is using a browser on a Windows PC. Same behavior with both Chrome and Edge

Update: I recently got a notice about a firmware update and, though I never responded to install it, my camera shows as up-to-date. Since then, I’ve been unable to connect the iOS app to my camera. I get error codes 20011 and 0. Base station is connected via internet and I can see it, and it can see the camera.

Your post is kind of confusing? Is the base plugged into the router via ethernet or is it a wireless connection? How do you know the base can see the camera? Do you mean you can not see the live view from the camera, is it off line? Are you using iOS app 2.32.0 (20). If the cam is reachable turn it off and back on or turn the power off for the base and turn it back on. Or force close the app and open it up again.

Sorry - I wrote that wrong. Base is connected via internet. I restarted the base and the app and I can view again. Thanks. (The base was REALLY hot.)

I have this problem nonstop. I have 4 cameras on Cam Plus and a great internet signal but instead of a live view I get the last picture and buffering until it’s too late to see anything. I regret buying these cameras. I have to regularly turn them off and and two of them I need to get on a ladder. Sigh.


Damn. This is old, but the problems continue so I was re-reading this thread. I don’t know what I meant when I said "Base is connected via internet! Base is hard-wired to router, not connected via wifi.

Problems continue. I have to restart the app multiple times a day, wait wait wait for a live view. Sometimes I just don’t ever get it. This time, we’re not (yet) “offline,” but my camera is currently unusable because the app can’t connect to it. I have to lean (painfully) out a window to power off the camera. I will try powering off/on the base, but WHY ?

Exactly. Every day so have to do this.

This is exactly what I am experiencing with my new outdoor cams. I have four outdoor cameras at a remote site, each powered by a Wyze solar panel. Each camera is running the current firmware version. Each is within 50 feet of the base station. It is a typical residential build (sheetrock, plywood, insulation, and paneling). The base station is plugged directly in via ethernet cable to a Starlink V1 router. Inside I have a Wyzecam V1 connected by WiFi to the same router.

When I pull up the Wyzecam inside, it takes a couple seconds, but it connects.
When I pull up the Outdoor cams (any one of them) they take around 15-30 seconds to load. Plus they tend to freeze up while I am watching them. I can watch the KB/s drop until it reaches 0, then I get the “connecting” screen again.

This site is 150 miles away, and has access limited due to weather (snow) this time of year.
Any input on troubleshooting?