WyzeCam app - lag in live view

Anyone else observing the lag in live view? The details:

  • live view in SD and HD: every “real life” second takes approx. 1.5 to 2 “Wyze seconds”, so - in less than a minute - live view is not “live” any more. In 360p resolution - the delay appears more random.

  • I tried this with “hardware decoder” enabled, then disabled - no difference.

  • I tested this on all my Android phones running different Android versions - no difference, same issue on all.

  • I tested this on different ISPs (I have WyzeCam v2’s at two different homes) with download speeds ranging from 15mbps to 1gbps, and upload speeds anywhere from 5mbps to 60mbps - the same issue.

I reverted to Wyze app v. 2.4.82 - everything works smoothly. All the phones, all Android versions, all ISPs. The only issue is the T&C pop-up that started appearing about a week ago and no matter how often I tap “agree”, it re-appears every time I launch the app. BUT: I am willing to put up with this rather than have the “not-so-live” view with a newer version of the app.

Any solution that I am not aware of? A setting I have overlooked in the new version of the app?

HUGE thanks for feedback and help.