Dehumidifier float sensor

Here’s a way to get notifications when a dehumidifier tank is full using a Wyze Sense contact sensor. My dehumidifer has a float that will trigger it to shutoff when the tank is full. I just added a Wyze contact sensor to get a notification. And yes, I’m aware that the dehumidifer has a hose connection for full-time draining, but the appliance isn’t located near a drain at this time. The dehumidifier power is controlled through Home Assistant with a smartplug and an environmental sensor. I could’ve used other methods to determine when the tank is full, but wanted to try a Wyze contact sensor for fun. Hopefully, Wyze will have integration with other home automation systems in the future. :wink:

UPDATE July 15, 2019: the original Wyze sensor adhesive had to be replaced with some 3M VHB Heavy Duty Mounting Tape. Something that I had to do with other Wyze sensors.