Dealer Program for installers and Custom Installations

I think a Dealer Program would be good because than it will help installers and wyze reach people who are not very technology inclined. For example I install wyze cameras for pretty cheap and every time I install one people say it would of been nice if I could of ordered the cameras for them because it would of made it easier. I also think it would be good because than people who have issues with wyze cameras or don’t know how to use the camera or app would be able to get help in person. I don’t think this will get alot of votes just because people don’t see it as a issue but i really think it would help wyze out a lot and get people who don’t know a lot about technology into it.

I’m for this, have 5 houses I’ve done and it sure would be nice to be acknowledged/encouraged to sell more for them.


You should vote for it


How about creating a “Pro” level for installers from integration companies who have clients that would not know how or don’t want to do the installation of a Wyze camera system. Create an installation level similar to EERO products where the installer can use their own phone to set up the system and then just be able to transfer the system to the home owner.