Wyze product referral program

gamification: How can we play the game at Wyze? I think I am responsible for over 100 units of sales, I tell all my friends, and in turn they tell all their friends… is there a way we can link this data? Wouldn’t be cool to track how the word is spreading? Not looking for discounts, but a cool way to know. Recommend a friend and get a star. We all love to know how we impact the world.

I heard about Wyze from someone at work. I bought cams. I told two others at work. they both now have cams. Wyze need not send me a dime. This is how a marketplace is supposed to work. Good product - word gets around - lots of people buy it. The makers prosper. Bad product - word gets around - lots of people avoid it. The makers go out of business. Thanks Wyze. You’ve done a great job making some great products.


Like it! You’ve got my vote.


this would be a cool forum badge.

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Yes, that would be fun to see the word of mouth in action. Voted! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This would be cool!

I refer friends to Wyze all the time would love to get some credit or help them out with their first purchase. Would even be okay if it provides me a discount on the services rather than hardware.

Yes! This is SO needed, At least just for the badge. But I would not be opposed to a future discount…

A referral program.

Sadly I have to refer another company for a 10 camera setup indoor and outdoor along with locks and thermostats and room sensors. Along with lights and switches too.

Can be rewarded with gift cards or discounts towards hardware. Or credit to monthly monitoring accounts.

If I am selling the product, installing the product. I should get something out of it. Most other companies do offer a referral program of some sort.