Affiliate Program for Recognition or Credit?

Wyze has spoken: There’s that third-party medical products affiliate program (Uh, what? Huh?!) But beyond that, no affiliate program. Not gonna share the wealth? Okay, fine. That’s Wyze’s prerogative. But it is a little painful for people to recommend Wyze products to dozens of people who then buy those products based solely on their well-earned trusted advice and not get anything in return. So how about sharing the fun with an affiliate leaderboard for nonpayment recognition like in Apple’s Game Center? Or at most, how about credit towards Wyze products or discounts? No one thinks they’re going to get rich in an affiliate program. So I think psychologically, the motivation is simply receiving that metaphorical blue ribbon for their efforts in selling Wyze products with the free marketing of their active word of mouth. It’s the very foundation of the Wyze principle of fostering a symbiotic relationship with customers.

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Thank you for your post @YeahThatCee! This is an interesting idea.
However, please remember that this is primarily a user-to-user Forum and is not monitored by Wyze employees regularly.
I would suggest you post this in the #wishlist Category where other users can read and vote for it, and Wyze does use the results as input for future products and enhancements.


I love the idea!
Wyze does have an affiliate program for the “Wyze in response” products.
More information here:

The affiliate program is not for common wyze products …just the covid stuff …thermometers and masks. I agree we need a referral or affiliate program. This is a great product and could be scaled by its fans/users… than mainstream advertising or waiting for growth. Love wyze though.

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