Affiliate Program?

Hello Wyze Forum!

Firstly I’d like to say Thank You Wyze! I was absolutely blown away by the ease of setting up my 1st wyze cam. I appreciate all the time and dedication this team has put into a truly disruptive platform. As someone who has worked in security camera installation and network security prior to the rise of the wireless revolution, bravo to the effort of this entire team. Truly doing Good work.

After receiving my first camera and seeing how easy the installation went I ordered 6 more that are currently on deck to finish a project that has been haunting me for several years. The job was to wire security cameras in Florida to an outdoor market. We literally had to dig a trench to run 10 wires after the previous installer had mucked up the job.

The entire system was fried 3 times after being was it by lightning 3 times in 4 years. After that I said no more. I’m done setting up this network again and again just to have it fried by the inevitable lightning strikes.

But the business needs security, so we kept doing the same thing again and again. Not anymore! This business will now be loaded with Wyze cams that can easily be monitored by anyone with an email address?? Sign me up for more please! I feel that the WiFi Revolution is happening and soon enough we will be able to connect to cameras across the globe instantly. This little $20 camera is a leap forward in that vision.

With all that stated, is there any chance of future plans for an affiliate or authorized resale program? Is there something available I haven’t been able to find? I’ve been doing contract work in IT and IS for years, and I feel that this little camera could be a way for me to get back into Security Camera Installation. Gone are the days of running wires through site plans, with a power outlet and a pointed antenna all that struggle seems gone.

If this is not the correct place for this, please can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you for all replies and time spent in helping this old dog learn a new trick or two.

Thanks again for all you do here,

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@rock… I’ve tagged in a Wyze employee who can hopefully answer your question or direct you to the right place.

Thank you RickO I appreciate the community support and assistance very much. I look forward to their reply, I would like to help in some small way to continue development of this project, for much continued success!

Thanks for calling me in, @Loki

@rock, we’re excited to hear that you’re loving our products so much! Sorry to hear about the issue with the lightning. That sounds INCREDIBLY frustrating.

As for your question about an affiliate program, we don’t have one right now but we’ve been looking into them! It’s definitely something we want to do further down the line but we don’t have a timeline at this point. Thanks for asking!

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Well thank you for the reply Gwendolyn! Please keep me in mind or if you guys have a capability to set up a waiting list for people interested in being an affiliate, send out a link I think I’m subscribed if there was an option to do so when I signed up :slight_smile:

I know your company is new and a lot of this is being figured out buy some hard-working Developers! I think there are more people like me who would be interested in providing a low-cost reliable camera that only needs a power outlet and Wi-Fi signal to work.

Also a suggestion, inability to link to an online cloud storage service would be a huge step forward for most of the complainers on some of the other forums, Reddit Etc, and would be useful in an affiliate capacity for an upgrade to the current services offered.

Again thank you for your reply and your time! I look forward to seeing this company grow into a big company.


@WyzeGwendolyn WyzeGwendolyn

Please count me in as well if in the future you develop such a program. I’m interested in reselling these in Latinamerica. We already work with providers that use NVRs for residential packages, We think a solution like Wyze Cameras simplify the installation, deployment, and cost. Even our sales team can be trained to deploy them on the premises. One thing we would like to add is for our call center agents to be able to monitor premises (similar to what ADT offers). an API would help us in implementing such ideas.

Thank you for developing such a great product.



Thanks, Jorge! If you would like, you can send this in to our support team so we can archive your proposal for future consideration.

Submit a request – Wyze

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@WyzeGwendolyn, please add me to the list. I would like to be an affiliate too. Thanks!

I would also like to sell wyse products as I own a computer and tech retail store.

We don’t have an affiliate program but we appreciate everyone’s interest in it! :smiley: