Affiliate Program Commission is not showing up

Hello guys, anyone of you registered to be an affiliate so you can sell Wyze medical products? I do not know whom to send an email and ask regarding my commission. I am able to access the Affiliate Account but all the sales that my friends ordered are not going in my account or is this program done already?
This is the link I am using and my friends are ordering in this link: Wyze is this the correct link to share? Because this is the link that the referral link is generating, so this is the link I am giving to my friends and relatives.

Anyone can help me?

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I don’t have any experience with the referring program but, this sounds like a question for the @WyzeTeam.

I’d recommend contacting customer support for this one. Sorry for the trouble! The person that I would normally check with about this is already out for the holiday.

Wyze Customer Support

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I also would like to do an affiliate program or referral program because I have a 10 camera setup along with lights, locks, and thermostats (I.e. whole hole setup) I have recommended to someone and they want to do it. But if I am selling the product and installing myself then I should get something out of it.