Introducing the Wyze In Response Affiliate Program - 5/27/20

Hello, forum folks!

We’re testing out a new program in conjunction with our response to COVID-19. Today, we’re launching a limited-time affiliate program that allows our community to receive a 10% commission for referred orders of thermometers and face masks. This is a pilot and it will run for an undefined period of time.

This currently only applies to Wyze In Response items for the following reasons:

  1. We get essential products in the hands of our community members and those they care about.

  2. We hope it can help our community members earn additional income in a reasonable timeframe during a period when unemployment is at a record high.

  3. It helps us sell through our inventory.

We have been considering adding an affiliate link for a couple of years now. While we aren’t in a space to commit to that for the rest of our products, the work done for this will make it easier to revisit if we choose to go that route later.

Our affiliate program was designed to be competitive and go beyond traditional programs that already exist.

With Wyze, you…

  • Receive 10% commission on all eligible orders you refer to us

  • Can withdraw your funds 30 days after an order has been completed

  • Can withdraw your funds fast with a minimum threshold of $15

  • Will be approved as long as you meet eligible requirements

Here are some of the logistics:

  • Members cannot self-refer

  • All affiliates must be located in the US

  • All referred orders must be located in the US

  • Wyze has the right to terminate your affiliate account at any time for any reason

  • Any order canceled or refunded will not earn you a commission

  • All commissions are paid via PayPal so affiliates must have a PayPal account

  • People that accrue $600 or more within a given year through this program will need to submit a W-9 before they can receive those funds

If you’re interested in joining this program, click the link below to get started!


Why isn’t this available for Canadians? damn, hope a future affiliate program is for all products and isn’t just US only… :confused:

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What page do you track sales on? How long does it take for sale data to populate?


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Are these contradictory? Or is my slim (micro-thin) understanding of these programs showing? :slight_smile:

This means you must accrue a minimum balance of $15 before you can withdraw any money. The second part means if you accrue more than $600 you need to submit a W-9 to us. Two separate and independent thoughts, sorry for the confusion!


Sales are tracked in your dashboard in your Wyze account


How long does it take for the data to populate?

Hi Scott, here’s what I mean.

I’m approved as an affiliate and begin accruing my 10% taste. At $15, I withdraw $15 because I’m hungry. I continue recommending and accruing. This time, I’m eating on a windfall inheritance I got from Aunt Tilly, I can wait. At $30 credit accrued, I withdraw that. Etcetera. I keep following the quick withdraw pattern.

If I get to $600 accrual within a year, I will file a W-9, but I will have already received the funds via regular low threshold withdrawals.


Yes but will not have accrued $600 if you withdraw throughout the year.

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This isn’t available outside the US because WYZE doesn’t sell outside the US.
Any WYZE products we buy in Canada are bootlegged.

[mod edit] I really need Wyze to start officially selling in Canada. My whole family loves their stuff and we want to stay in the Wyze eco system! And thanks, makes sense…

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Please comfort me. empathy_r2 Talking taxes gives me a rash. :flushed:

Does the price vary per products if bought in bulk? Not sure if this was asked/discussed already.

I don’t think this is a great look. These are supposed to be medical supplies for a pandemic. People should share them out of necessity, not for profit. Just decrease the prices by 10% instead. Or pledge to give 10% to a reputable charity focused on coronavirus relief. Affiliate links will just result in this being spammed everywhere (and I do mean spammed) which reflects poorly on the community and the company (when’s the last time you saw a product being spammed and wanted to buy it?).
My 2¢. Minus a 2/10¢ commission…


My thought exactly. I cannot get behind profiteering off a global crisis.


You always could. :slightly_smiling_face:


The way this was worded when they began selling the masks almost implied it was a profitless endeavor for the public good. Clearly that’s not the case. It makes all the delivery issues, for example, less excusable.

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I thought WYZE was just distributing the masks to help another company. Guess not. :slight_smile:

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Hey @wyzegwendolyn :wave:

Has there been any talk of making headphones part of the affiliate program?

Is there someone I could reach out to about advertising?