Daily connectivity issues since purchasing Cam Plus

Have three outdoor v2 including one spotlight with no issues with any connectivity for months. Always on and no hiccups. Each has a micro-SD inserted. Sign up for Cam Plus and all of a sudden all three start having issues daily. Getting tired of having to cut power and reset the cameras every frigging day. Was just watching playback on one camera and it froze followed by it going offline while watching it. Paid for a year up front and regretting it now. Is the service straining the connection? Searched the forum without success. I’ll continue looking.

Are you using cam plus cloud recordings and micro sd card event recordings?

If your getting more recordings than usual because you now have cam plus, I would think it’s a network problem.

What’s the signal strength to the camera for the base? It says in the cameras device info.

Could you remove the cams from CP for a day and see if it resolves the issue temporarily?

Also, what’s your internet upload and download speeds?

Do you have the base connected via WiFi or Ethernet?

How old is your router? Was it ISP supplied?

Lots of questions :cold_sweat:, hope we can pinpoint the issue!

I added 6 Wyze bulbs and have since experienced my internet dropping similar to what you mention but not due to Cam Plus.

My case just could be a coincidence but it now has me wondering if adding more devices and features could tax the network?

I guess I could power off my camers, plugs and bulbs for a day and see what happens?

As I thought, I figured that the network would be the issue. I incorrectly assumed that the SD card was capturing the events and that the cam plus would pull from it. Didn’t realize that the service was uploading as it occurred. Like I said, this setup was working fine for me prior to the service and only picked it up to take advantage of the web view. Had the setup without the service for three months without any hiccups. Thanks for giving my thoughts credence. I do need to do some upgrades (cables) and this will get me moving on it.

Adding more devices to your network definitely will increase load and if your router or internet connection is struggling it will slow everything down.

Cam plus uploads ALL events to the cloud, and they are all visible from the events tab in the app. The SD card is only for scheduled recordings and Timelapse’s on this camera.

I would start with upgrading any network equipment you have, as I’m guessing the extra bandwidth due to cam plus is causing issues

My internet drops so not sure if extra Wyze devices would cause that? I’ll have to call my internet provider next week.