Cut and Reconnect The Wyze light strip & light strip pro

I tried the connectors from Amazon and wasted about 2 hours trying to get them to work, no dice… I ended up just soldering all of my connections and fishing them through the holes until they were all in place. It was a little tedious but it worked just fine. Be sure to keep an eye on the direction of the light strip and also that you are not crossing the wires!


That blows. I don’t have any personal stake in the connectors, but I wanted to report my experience with them previously because they turned out to be a nearly ideal solution for my application, and I hoped that would help others reading this topic.

Using the connectors, I was able to avoid the problems of attempting to solder the strips in place or drill new holes in the cabinets to accommodate passing pre-soldered strip-and-wire assemblies. I’m glad you were able to achieve the result you wanted with soldering, and I imagine that’s probably a better long-term solution for a lot of installations. I like what you did, and I’m glad it worked for you!

For whatever it’s worth, this is what my installation looks like:

My mom really liked being able to set the colors for the Kansas City Chiefs while they played in last year’s Super Bowl:

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