Cubby Bed Camera For Special Needs Children

This is an FYI

I have a VERY expensive Cubby bed provided by insurance for my special needs toddler.

The WYZE cameras is the camera the company installs in the electronics package that comes with the bed for monitoring purposes.

I will be letting cubby know of the issues I have been having with this V3 Non Pan camera that comes installed with the bed,

What if an emergency happened in the middle of the night and it was not heard or seen due to the cameras that come installed with the bed that we count on to WORK are not working? This seems like a safety issue that needs to be addressed by both Cubby and WYZE IMO.

I am not pleased with the lack of ability to monitor my special needs child due to whatever the issue is. It just needs to stop and be fixed.


There’s currently a Wyze service outage. It happens from time to time and I’m sure it will be back up today. That said, for a device so important for your case, I’m surprised the company uses a Wyze cam which needs internet and relies on servers to work. I would think something like that should use local control hardwired cameras.

I agree with your concern. The Cubby Bed company should not have installed Wyze as the camera for this. While I have several Wyze cameras, I would never put trust in any of them to keep me or my family safe as they consistently have issues. Today’s issue is just one of many that have occurred since the beginning of 2024. As much as I like my Wyze cameras, I have zero trust in them. Reach out and get them to do something about placing a more trustworthy device in these beds!

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Hi, Thanks for your reply.

We are very new to the WYZE camera use. They were recommended to us, we bought aa bunch. Great bang for the buck we thought.

A couple months later we get the Cubby bed. To our surprise it was a Wyze V3 cam in the electronics package. I was shocked.

After the multitude of problems since august of 2023 when we received the bed, I just today reached out to Cubby with detailed information. screen shots, and links to this forum. I am awaiting a phone call from them as well.

This is a safety concern that definitely need addressing. I have done what I can for now.