App Stability Issues - Baby Monitor


Just as a quick background, 3 years ago we bought a dropcam (now nest) to use as a baby monitor; our thoughts were that we could use it as a security camera after our son got older. For the most part it has worked well, we leave the app on all night and can hear him if he wakes up and needs us. The app has had stability issues (Not staying open all night), but is a bit of a crap shoot depending on the iOS version. Lately, the stability has been getting less reliable (crashes every night), and along with the high cost of the camera and the limited cloud storage that Nest offers, we looked at other options for child #2 that will be coming in the not distant future.

We decided to give Wyze a try, for the price it was a no brainer. We got the camera yesterday and really liked most everything about it and the app; unfortunately the app stability leaves a lot to be desired. We usually have the app pulled up on the iPad while we watch TV after our son has gone to bed; in the two hours we had it on the iPad last night it crashed twice (The app just randomly closed).

When we go to bed, we pull it up on our phones (I have an iPhone 6, my wife has an iPhone 7). My wife used the Nest app last night and I used the Wyze, when we woke up in the morning both apps had crashed. This isn’t that big of a deal for our son since he is 2, doesn’t really “need us”, and usually settles himself. But we really want to find something that we can leave open all night for the new baby.

Is the app stability an issue that is known? Any updates that might address this in the future? For us, despite all the other things that we really like about Wyze, an app that doesn’t stay open all night will be a deal breaker as this is the #1 thing we are needing to use a wifi camera as a baby monitor.



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We’re in the same boat. We were going to buy another Samsung and decided to give Wyze a try. App is garbage for constant monitoring. Which is a shame because it’s a really great camera.

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